The office building on Carl Gustafs väg 1 in Malmö, also known as Eonhuset, is getting new owners. Today, September 18, the agreement was signed during and from November 1, the house is owned by the residential real estate company Heimstaden, which will use the house as an office.

"There are obviously mixed emotions. We sell our 'home'. This house has been Sydkraft's head office and Eon's Nordic headquarters for over 50 years, but it feels good that the house lives on as an office building and eventually will house another Nordic headquarter," says Marc Hoffmann, CEO of Eon Sweden.

Eon will instead move to a newly built house in the new Malmö area Nyhamnen.

The sale agreement means that Eon will be the only tenant in the house until June 2023, with the possibility of an extension. Thereafter, Heimstaden moves into Carl Gustafs väg 1.

"This is a property in an excellent central location with the opportunity for housing construction, our future head office and opportunities to realize our goals regarding social sustainability," says Patrik Hall, CEO of Heimstaden.