As a new director of By & Havn, Henrik Steenstrup is given the responsibility, among other things, to develop the By & Havn's property portfolio, which consists of 700 leases, a large proportion of which are located in Nordhavn. It is one of the great ambitions of By & Havn's business strategy to convert and develop the old warehouses in Nordhavn with sustainability in mind for new purposes. By & Havn has seen a great interest in such leases from, among others galleries and architectural firms.

Henrik Steenstrup will also be responsible for the future planning and development of By & Havn parking in the company's urban areas. Parking is a business area that is expected to grow in the coming years in line with urban development.

The new director will also be responsible for creating the framework for the good harbor experiences - Copenhagen's blue hub - and will be at the forefront of meeting the objectives of the recreational and commercial port, which is described in the By & Havn's port strategy. At the same time, Henrik Steenstrup will be tasked with continuing the By & Havn's ambitions to develop good urban spaces that create community and life for the residents of the new urban development areas. In the coming years, work will also be done on being associated with associated real estate companies such as . Tunnelfabrikken and Kronløbsøen, where active ownership must be strengthened.

The newly appointed director of Real Estate and Urban Life, Henrik Steenstrup, looks forward to the new challenges:

“There is no doubt that By & Havn has great ambitions with their business strategy, and I look forward to being able to use my commercial insight and broad experience to help the company achieve its goals. It is with great humility that I go to work on the further development of Copenhagen, and I am not least looking forward to the task of getting the old industrial areas and warehouses to flourish with life and good opportunities for communities, associations and urban life. ”

Henrik Steenstrup will take up the position on October 1, 2019.