"My dream of being part of Kämp's future development is now a reality. Kämp and Nordic Choice Hotels is from now on a team and I am convinced that this is the start of something very exciting, says Petter A. Stordalen," the founder of Nordic Choice Hotels and the new owner of Kämp Collection Hotels.

Laura Tarkka, CEO of Kämp Collection Hotels, says that collaboration with the new owner has been smooth and the companies share very similar values. According to Tarkka, the new owner provides the possibility to develop the services even further.

"We want to expand the experience of luxury even more, and we will, for instance, renovate the Kämp Brasserie & Bar and Klaus K Hotel, says Tarkka."

While Kämp Collection Hotels is known for its luxury hotels, Nordic Choice Hotels will provide a full range of accommodation services, including full service-, mid-priced- and budget hotels. In September Petter A. Stordalen announced the plan to build two new hotels at the Helsinki Airport, the biggest hotel project in Finland. The hotels will open up in 2023, and the cost of the construction project is over 120 million euros.

Stordalen sees huge growth potential in the Helsinki accommodation market.

"This is just the beginning! My aim is to achieve a 25-30 % market share in all capitals in the Nordics. I still want to add 2000 hotel rooms to the supply in Helsinki. Helsinki’s growth potential as a travel destination is huge and I’m genuinely very happy to own such incredible hotels here," says Stordalen.

After the acquisition of Kämp Collection Hotels, Nordic Choice Hotels owns over 200 hotels in the Nordic countries. Kämp CEO Laura Tarkka feels that being part of the group makes life easier for those customers who love to travel around.

"We are truly a part of a big family now, so if someone loves us in Helsinki there are excellent choices for him or her in other Nordic countries too. This works the other way around too - the travelers in other Nordic states may find our services easier now."

Facts about Nordic Choice Hotels (incl Kämp Collection Hotels):

Owner: Petter A Stordalen, Emilie A. Stordalen, Henrik A. Stordalen and Jakob A. Stordalen.

CEO Nordic Choice Hotels: Torgeir Silseth.

Operating countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania.

Hotels: 200+

Hotel chains: Clarion Hotel, Quality Hotel, Comfort Hotel and Clarion Collection.

Independent Hotels: 38

Hotels in Finland: Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, F6, Hotel Kämp, Hotel Lilla Roberts, Hotel Haven, GLO Hotel Airport, Hotel St. George, Klaus K Hotel, Hotel Fabian, GLO Hotel Kluuvi, GLO Hotel Art, GLO Hotel Sello.

Signed future hotels: 2 new hotels at Helsinki Airport and Keilaranta Tower in Espoo.