“This project is one of our most multifaceted to date. We are genuinely applying our expertise and innovativeness in the areas of foundations, structural frameworks and design,” says Palle Bjerre Rasmussen, Head of NCC Building Nordics in Denmark.

Christiansholm on Papirøen island is the last dock area that remains undeveloped in the inner harbor of Copenhagen. For many years, this was where the Procurement Association of the Danish Press had its storage facility for newsprint. The area is now being given new life through a unique project that covers the entire island and comprises tenant-owner apartments, rental apartments, a hotel and a market hall that will house stores, cafés and restaurants.

“We have great expectations of what Christiansholm can offer as a result of its entirely unique location. We want the project to bring joy and benefits to existing and future residents of Christianshavn, as well as all of Copenhagen,” says Klaus Kastbjerg, administrative manager of Unionkul Ejendomme, on behalf of the CØ P/S development company.

In its project design, NCC has contributed to resolving the logistical challenge of establishing a construction site on an island in the heart of the city and realizing the idea of an unconventional facade comprising concrete and brick, which is reminiscent of Papirøen’s industrial past and the old warehouses along the harbor approaches.

In collaboration with the developer, NCC will now design the details of the project with the aim of gaining planning permission. Construction will start in 2020 and the project is expected to be completed in 2024. The contract is subject to planning permission. The companies behind the CØ P/S development company are Danica Ejendomsselskab (50%), Unionkul Ejendomme (37.5%) and Nordkranen (12.5%).

The order is expected to be registered in the second quarter of 2020 in the NCC Building Nordics business area.