Niclas Flensburg most recently comes from a role as Head of Projects and Installations at Knudsen Køling and has over 19 years of experience from leading positions in the installation industry as both consultant and contractor.

"We are very pleased that Niclas wants to be a part of our expanded Denmark initiative," says Sandu Nylmon, CEO of Logistic Contractor Denmark, and adds:

"Niclas will, with his experience, competence and contact network, supplement and strengthen our operations in Denmark. With Niclas on board, the cutting-edge expertise that currently exists within Logistic Contractor will be further adapted to the Danish market."

"I appreciate how Logistic Contractor can help the customer to develop and build a property that optimizes their operations. This is in line with how I like to use Lean - that is, maximize customer benefit and minimize waste of resources," says Niclas Flensburg.