Solid sells to more than 30 countries and is part of the Norwegian-owned DK Company A / S and has remained in the office property at Trianglen 24 in the northwest of Kolding until mid-December. But the property has now fallen into new hands as private property investor T-24 has, at the turn of the year, bought the property, which is split between two storey office and meeting rooms - and a 1450 m² basement.

The location of the property, exciting design, good parking conditions and flexible interior design have made it an attractive investment for the buyers.

“It was a very interesting property for us, as it partly enjoys a good location in the Triangle area close to the motorway - with a full 80 parking spaces. But also because it stands out from other office properties in commercial areas like this with its strict Nordic design - and has good flexible interior design, so it can be adapted and adapted to many types of tenants, ”says Ole P. Nielsen, chairman of the board of real estate company T- 24 and co-owner of the domicile together with director Peter Aalbæk.

Ole P. Nielsen emphasizes that the property can be suitable for one tenant of the entire office - or several different. As landlords, they are therefore looking for new tenants and flexible in relation to which ones are available, he explains.

Preben Balle is Business Manager at EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech in Kolding. He has been in charge of the sale of the property. He also emphasizes the property's great potential for new tenants:

“The property has two main entrances with access to the elevator, canteen and meeting rooms in the middle of the building as well as dry basement, which has been used as a storage by Solid. Furthermore, the presentable exterior also makes it suitable for furnishing showrooms in, which Solid also had. The building is therefore suitable for a large number of companies that need good and presentable office and warehouse space. ”

The sale of the property went quickly, as only two weeks passed, from the real estate company T-24 making their final bid, to the purchase through just before Christmas.

Ole P. Nielsen also expresses his satisfaction with how EDC Poul Erik Bech has solved the task:

"We have had a really good dialogue with Preben throughout, who handled the process extremely professionally and were good at responding quickly when we made our bid and got the deal landed - well and mark right up to Christmas."