In the coming years, PFA will develop and construct sustainable housing in Høje Taastrup. With a total investment of DKK 400 million PFA has just purchased two building plots totaling approx. 14,400 sq m, and two residential properties will be built here with a total of 150 apartments, 7 hotel apartments and 550 m of commercial space.

The building sites are located in Høje Taastrup C, for which the Arealudviklingsselskabet Høje Taastrup C has laid out an ambitious development plan, which will be developed into a new coherent, diverse and vibrant district of a total of 262,000 sq m in the area between the shopping center City 2 and the traffic hub Høje Taastrup Station.

The investment is part of PFA's strategy to invest in more residential properties throughout the country - including building between 1,000 and 2,000 homes in the surrounding municipalities to Copenhagen by 2025.

“Our analyzes identify Høje Taastrup as one of the interesting growth areas in Denmark, where there is a high demand for housing. This, we expect, will continue in the future - not least considering that with the coming district, Høje Taastrup will change in an even more attractive and sustainable direction. That is why we see great potential in contributing to the development of this investment in Høje Taastrup C,” says Mikael Fogemann, Head of Danish Property in PFA.

The upcoming properties will be listed on sustainability certification DGNB Gold. The future residents can thus look forward to two buildings that - among the environment, economy and social conditions - are among the best in Europe.

“Sustainability will be at the top of construction, we attach great importance to being a responsible investor. Not only because we want to help develop the community in a more sustainable direction, but also because it ensures the value of the properties for many years to come when building sustainably. Therefore, we are overall pleased with this investment, which will contribute to a good and long-term return for our customers, ,” says Mikael Fogemann.

“We look forward to PFA building a building that meets some of the most stringent requirements in the industry. This is completely in line with the vision of Høje Taastrup C. The very exciting construction that PFA has on the drawing board is located centrally in the district and will thus play up to the new town hall that Høje Taastrup Municipality will erect. We have had a good collaboration with PFA on the development of their project, and we look forward to continued good cooperation also in the realization phase,” says Lars Bloch, CEO of Arealudviklingsselskabet Høje Taastrup C.