Magnolia Bostad signed an agreement in the spring of 2017 with Spendrups Invest AB regarding the purchase of the Gambrinus 2 and 4 properties via corporate transactions, which includes building rights for around 2,000 homes. The acquisition from Spendrups is conditional on the zoning plan coming into force. In cooperation with both Huddinge municipality and Spendrups, a zoning program for the area has been developed.

“Vårby Udde is located right on Lake Mälaren and close to nature, as well as shopping at Kungens kurva. This will be a pleasant residential area and I am glad that we can make Lake Mälaren available with, among other things, an outstanding promenade and the boat club's much-appreciated activities. The area's long history will be communicated by preserving an attractive industrial building, which is oblong with characteristic rounded edges,” says Malin Danielsson (L), Municipal Commissioner responsible for strategic planning.

Vårby Udde has an exciting history with Wårby Hälsobrunn (Spa) attracting people from all over Europe in the 1700s. After many years of brewing operations, the development of one of the municipality's most attractive locations will now be transformed from an industrial area to a new marine district. Residential units, a nursery school, residential care units, shops, a restaurant and hotel are planned together with parks and also a promenade. Vårby Udde has good communication facilities with two underground stations and the upcoming Spårväg Syd (tramway) will have a station in the vicinity.

“We are very pleased that the municipality has now decided to start the zoning plan for Vårby Udde. The area is a growth area with great potential and we will create a vibrant neighbourhood. Our motive has been social sustainability from the start, because we want to create a safe, pleasant environment for the residents. We do this, among other things, by producing a good mix of housing, services and commercial premises, while also making the countryside available all around,” says Björn Bergman, Eastern Regional Director at Magnolia Bostad.