As Oy Tampereen Tohtori will be built using modules. For a long time already, YIT has used bathroom, slab and wall elements, partly manufactured by YIT and partly acquired from external suppliers, in its production. However, Tohtori is YIT’s first residential project that will be entirely built of modules.

Timber-based module construction is closely linked with YIT’s strategy.

“In line with our strategy, we seek to enhance our operational productivity by reducing wastage and by shortening the turnaround time of our projects. Construction with modules and prefabricates is perfectly in line with these objectives. As part of our Green Growth development programme, we are also investigating our opportunities to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by our operations and products,” says Antti Inkilä, EVP at YIT.

Already before this, YIT has built three so-called Smartti projects in Hervanta. Tampereen Tutkija was completed in June 2017, Tampereen Maisteri in April 2018 and Tampereen Kandidaatti in September 2018. The Smartti residential concept combines functionality with adaptability. Smartti projects make extensive use of prefabricates and focus on the efficient use of space.

“In our projects, our aim is to continuously investigate alternative material and production solutions and their environmental impacts. Different types of properties being built on the same block under the same conditions provide us with a unique opportunity to compare wood construction with concrete construction and more traditional construction with modular construction,” notes Inkilä.

As advantages of modular construction, Inkilä lists fast capital turnover, faster readiness for moving in, thanks to the short construction period, lower costs of wintertime construction when compared to on-site construction and fewer negative impacts on the environment surrounding the construction site, among other things. Occupational safety and working conditions improve when the majority of construction work is carried out in a factory instead of outside on a construction site.

Tampereen Tohtori’s estimated time of completion is in the summer 2020, which means that the apartment building will be completed approximately four months after the beginning of module installations.

YIT is building Tampereen Tohtori as a rental housing project for the OP-Vuokratuotto special fund.

“When Tampereen Tohtori is completed, the number of apartments we own in wooden apartment buildings will increase to approximately 300. We will invest in wooden apartment buildings as part of our residential property investment operations in the future, too. Wood construction is a good match with our values on our journey towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing wood construction in Finland. The promotion of modular construction and the transition of construction production indoors are also a good way to develop construction practices and to ensure that the quality criteria for the building and the apartments are met,” says Kari Kangasmaa, Constructing Manager at OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd.