Capital Markets, the largest department in CBRE Denmark, has appointed Christian Bro Jansen to head up the team. He has been recruited within CBRE where he has been employed for three years, most recently as Director of Capital Markets.

According to CEO Per Weinreich, Christian Bro Jansen was an obvious choice.

”We have searched the market for a long time, and despite his young age Christian Bro Jansen has proven to be the best and most obvious candidate. He has an in-depth knowledge of both the market and CBRE and is also an incredibly talented and ambitious person who has the drive to develop CBRE in the longer term in this important area," says CBRE CEO in Denmark, Per Weinreich.

Prior to joining CBRE back in 2017, Christian Bro Jansen was employed for four years in Falck, most recently as Director in charge of expanding the business to new markets, including purchases and sales.

”I have spent the last three years immersing myself in the real estate market and building a network in the industry. Now I will combine my skills in transactions and strategy with management. I very much look forward to the challenge and to further expand the collaborative pan-Nordic team within CBRE,” says Christian Bro Jansen, Head of Capital Markets at CBRE in Denmark.

Christian Bro Jansen will, among other things, further develop CBRE’s strategic approach to clients and transactions within Capital Markets.

”To a greater extent, we want to be part of our clients’ strategy processes, where we can create added value through analysis, structuring and advisory services, including efficient transaction execution as traditionally offered by financial institutions. CBRE's global presence means that we have a very deep knowledge of real estate, both locally and globally – and with this knowledge we must ensure that clients are constantly updated and advised in the best possible way”, says Christian Bro Jansen, Head of Capital Markets at CBRE Denmark.

Christian Bro Jansen replaces Mikael Glud, who will continue to be a valued part of the Capital Markets team and play a crucial role in strategic client advisory.