“Kista is an attractive environment for innovation, education and business operations. The substantial interest in Kista is gratifying and we welcome our new tenants and thank Incell for its extended confidence in us,” says Sven Stork, Regional Manager, Stockholm, at Kungsleden.

The existing tenant, Incell, which develops smart battery solutions for the telecom sector, is increasing its office space in Kista One by 240 sq.m. to more than 1,100 sq.m.

The new tenants are:

# Molex Sweden AB, which is leasing 172 sq.m. in Kista One for its electronic component distribution business.

# The software company Bitlog Software, which is moving into 320 sq.m. in Kista One.

# CDK Global, which is transferring its operation in digital solutions for car dealerships to 195 sq.m. in Kista One.

# The accounting and consulting company Aspia, which is moving into 554 sq.m. in Kista One.

# The education company Jensen Education, which is moving into 689 sq.m. in Keflavik 1 to make space for its adult education operations.

Kista is Stockholm’s largest office market and Europe’s foremost and best established ICT cluster – a European Silicon Valley. Every day, more than 40,000 people work and study in the area, which offers a unique environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Kungsleden has a leading role in contributing to the development of Kista and holds the chairmanships of both Kista Science City AB and the property owners’ initiative, Kista Science City Fastighetsägare.

The leases, which have a duration of between two and six years, comprise more than 2,100 sq.m. and correspond to a total annual rental value of approximately SEK 6.5 million.