“Padel is one of the world’s most expansive sports, and we are looking forward to offering the residents of Nyköping access to this fun activity. We required a large surface area and Kungsleden’s premises suited us perfectly,” says Henrik Söderberg, CEO of  PDL Group.Interest in and demand for padel in Nyköping have grown substantially in the past few years. Construction is underway and occupancy is expected in January 2021. The city will then receive its first padel centre featuring nine doubles courts, three singles courts and two courts for children.

“We welcome PDL and Återvinningen to our premises and look forward to providing Ahlsell with more appropriate premises for their needs,” says Tommy Svärd, Asset Manager at Kungsleden.

Återvinningen plans to move into the new premises in the autumn, and Ahlsell’s move is expected in March 2021.

“To meet the future requirements of the market and our customers in a better way, we needed new premises in Nyköping. In this case, we have found a perfect property in a good geographical location with access to exterior land area and better parking. We have had healthy, constructive talks with Kungsleden in Nyköping, and staying with the same landlord feels secure, even as the needs of our operations change,” says Magnus Johansson, Regional Manager at Ahlsell.