The main owners of the real estate company Swedish Logistic Property – SLP – have made a decision to list the company on the stock exchange and the fast-growing company has already begun work on preparing the company for an upcoming listing. The aim is set on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's main list and the plan is for a listing to be completed during the beginning of 2022.

“In a short time, we have taken SLP from being a relatively unknown real estate player to becoming a serious challenger in warehousing and logistics properties. We want to continue to strengthen SLP's role as an obvious player in warehousing and logistics in Sweden. In order to maintain a continued high growth rate and to be able to develop the company in an optimal way, we are convinced that a listed environment is the right path for the company,” says Peter Strand, who is one of the founders of SLP.

The fast-growing company has previously made a number of staff reinforcements in the operational management of the company. Among other things, Tommy Åstrand, with many years of experience from listed companies, will take over as CFO of SLP at the turn of the year. Further changes are now being made to the company's board and management in order to strengthen the company ahead of an upcoming listing.

From the turn of the year, Peter Strand will take over as CEO of SLP. Peter Strand has been chairman of the company since the start of the company, but is now taking a more active role as CEO. Peter Strand has played a similar role in the previously listed companies Victoria Park and Tribona. Prior to that, he had extensive experience from the real estate industry with jobs in Annehem and Akelius, among others, on the merit list.

Erik Selin replaces Peter Strand as Chairman of the Board of SLP. The board, which will take office at the turn of the year, will also receive several new well-known additions with solid experience from the real estate industry:

# Erik Selin (Chairman) - One of the founders of SLP, founder and CEO of Balder

# Greg Dingizian (Vice President) - One of the founders of SLP, founder and former Vice President of Victoria Park

# Sofia Ljungdahl, CEO of OBOS Nya Hem, former board member of Victoria Park and regional manager of Besqab

# Sophia Bergendahl - Co-owner of Bergendahls and active both in the Group's operating activities and in board work

# Unni Sollbe - CEO Stena Fastigheter Malmö, formerly CEO of Akademiska Hus Syd

# Jacob Karlsson - Founder, CEO and co-owner of K-Fastigheter

“It is fun that SLP gets a strengthened board with so many competent people. It has been important for us to find a good composition of people who have a clear entrepreneurial approach. The company has continued to have very high growth ambitions and I believe that simple and quick decision-making paths are a basic prerequisite for us to be able to succeed,” comments Erik Selin, who will thus be the new Chairman of the Board of SLP.

One of the new board members in SLP will be K-fastigheter founder Jacob Karlsson. In connection with the board appointment, he has also chosen to invest in SLP.

“SLP is one of the most exciting new real estate companies in Sweden and has made an incredible journey in a short time. It is exciting and stimulating to be a part of SLP and to be able to contribute to the continued development of my new role as a board member. Of course, I also hope that my experiences from the listing of K-Fastigheter will be able to contribute to SLP's listing process, ”says Jacob Karlsson, who will be a new board member of SLP.