It was at Chalmers fair VARM that Ola Serneke answered a question about whether a partner for Karlatornet was ready:

"Yes. It will be announced in the press shortly. It will be a very nice addition to Gothenburg."

The share rose on Thursday by 12.5 percent before it was stopped trading. Nasdaq announced that it was stopped due to "non-disclosure" of inside information.

After the stock market closed, Serneke sent out a press release about the comments:

"Following a statement by Serneke's CEO Ola Serneke on November 24, the company wants to clarify the current status of the ongoing process in completing a deal and securing financing for the Karlatornet project.

As previously communicated, most recently in the interim report for the third quarter of 2020, intensive work is underway to complete a deal. As a result, discussions have for some time been ongoing with an intended partner. If an agreement is entered into as a result of these discussions, this will be communicated in a press release."

In the spring, Serneke put the construction of Karlatornet on pause, this after the intended partner Oaktree backed off due to the pandemic. At yesterday's VARM fair, Ola Serneke said that construction will start within a few weeks.