Cibus is showing a strong performance despite current circumstances regarding Covid-19. The property to be acquired is located in Kalajoki, in the Oulu province, and was constructed in 2018 and is one of several ongoing acquisition processes. The lettable area is 9,400 sqm and the property is fully let with HalpaHalli and Tokmanni as anchor tenants. The weighted average remaining lease maturity is 8 years. Cibus sees a positive market situation and has, in addition to this transaction, a strong pipeline of different potential acquisitions in both of the Company's main markets amounting to approximately EUR 120 million, of which most individual acquisitions are smaller in nature but to a large extent concerns one potential acquisition in Finland.

"We have a strong financial position and an excellent pipeline regarding possible acquisitions, and this is one of the numerous ongoing acquisition processes", says Sverker Källgården, CEO of Cibus.

To this date, with the exception of the property in Kalajoki, no binding agreement has been entered into regarding the acquisitions and there are no guarantees that any acquisitions will be completed. Cibus is evaluating suitable financing arrangements taking into consideration, amongst other things, the target to keep the LTV below 65 per cent in accordance with the Company's finance policy.