“I am delighted that these lease contracts include customers from several different industries and that we have companies that are choosing to leave a CBD location in favour of Kista,” says Sven Stork, Regional Manager Stockholm.Swereco is moving in to Kista One (with the property designation Färöarna 3) in February.

“An important factor in choosing Kungsleden and Kista One is that Kungsleden is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and in terms of the environmental requirements we place. Kista’s location, with good public transport connections and easy access to the E4 and E18 European routes, was also a key aspect as we are now moving from the city centre to Kista,” says Lotta Kronåker Boström of Swereco.

Signify will move in to just over 800 sq.m. in Kista One in June. For Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), an important factor was the ability to decorate the new premises using the company’s own lighting products, which Kungsleden is able to accommodate.

Dicentia is moving in to Kungsleden’s premises in Kelavik 1 in May. Kista’s location with good transport connections and commuter trains and buses to and from the city was also an important factor for the company.

Now Electronics is extending and expanding its lease contract to 982 sq.m. with Kungsleden in the Hornafjord 1 property. The expansion is taking place ahead of Now Electronics’ merger with Bitsim AB in the first half of 2021.