During its MTN program, Kungsleden has issued a new green bond by SEK 300 million. The loan has a maturity of 6 years and was issued at the spread 1.5% over Stibor. At the same time, Kungsleden has repurchased short-term bonds with maturity as of September and October of the current year and bonds with maturity as of March 2022 for a total notional amount of SEK 187 million.

The interest from investors to invest in Kungsleden's green bonds continues to be strong. The share of green financing of the total loan portfolio amounts to 39% after the last issue.

During the autumn, Kungsleden decided on new ambitious climate targets. As the first real estate company in Sweden, Kungsleden has adopted the goal of becoming climate positive in the entire value chain by 2035, with the interim goal to become climate positive in property and facility management by 2025.