The election of the Board of Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held on March 25, 2021.

As set out in the press release by Castellum on December 29, 2020, the members of the Election Committee, Vincent Fokke and Charlotte Strömberg do not support the Election Committee’s proposal to nominate Rutger Arnhult as the Chairman of the Board of Castellum and have made a reservation against that proposal. Now they have released their candidate.

It is proposed that the Board of Directors shall consist of seven members, and that Per Berggren, Anna-Karin Hatt, Christer Jacobson, Christina Karlsson Kazeem, Nina Linander, Zdravko Markovski and Joacim Sjöberg shall be re-elected as Board members. Per Berggren is proposed as new Chairman of the Board. Charlotte Strömberg has de­clin­ed re-election.

Strömberg and Fokke have announced following:

The existing Board of Directors of Castellum is indeed well-functioning. The proposed Board members, indivi­dually and as a group, possess a wide range of competences and experiences that are highly relevant for Castellum’s business. Furthermore the proposed composition represents versatility and diversity, including an appropriate gender balance.

Castellum is currently in an intense transformation phase with a high level of transaction activity, stra­tegic business developments and operational change, among others to meet customer expectations in a post-covid environment. Maintained continuity as regards to the work of the Board of Directors and an undisrupted environment in the Castellum boardroom are considered to be of high importance. More­over, the existing Board of Directors has delivered excel­lent shareholder returns during a number of years. The proposed Board of Directors is considered best placed to continue this work and capable to safeguard the interest of all shareholders in Castellum. The proposed Board members are all deem­ed independent in relation to Castellum and its exe­cutive mana­ge­ment and have shown a high level of integrity in their work as Board members of Castellum.

Per Berggren will be an excellent Chairman of the Board of Castellum. He has a deep understanding of the real estate sector and is not engaged in companies competing with Castellum. He knows Castellum very well, is highly regarded by the existing Board members, represents continuity and may indepen­dently represent all shareholders in Castellum.