PFA continues its entry into the Odense office market. In 2022, it will be the sum of activity from the many smaller companies and organizations that will be housed in PFA’s upcoming multi-user office properties in Cortex Park.

“From PFA’s side, we are very excited to continue to be able to contribute to the development of Odense and create a good framework for the local business community. With the leases to Totalbanken and Fynsk Erhverv, two more companies, each with more than 100 years of local roots, have chosen to live in new modern office space in Cortex Park - we are extremely happy about that, as it confirms our belief in the properties and the area's qualities, "says Mikael Arne Fogemann, Executive Director, Nordic Real Estate and PFA.

Both PFA office buildings in Cortex Park are sustainability certified with DGNB gold, which means a high level of sustainability, economy and social conditions. In total, PFA has invested DKK 400 million in Cortex Park. Cortex Park II was designed by Jesper Thyge Brøgger and Archidea Arkitekter.

The properties, which are being built by the local contractor H. Skjøde Knudsen, are aimed at different types of business tenants who want to share facilities with each other, including parking in the basement, as well as meeting and dining facilities. With the latest rentals, the tenants include lawyers, accountants, banks and organizations.

“In recent years, we have had high growth in Odense, and I expect that this growth will continue and can be strengthened through our new, beautiful office facilities in Cortex Park. As soon as possible, we move in with approx. 30 employees. These are our branch in Odense C, which has grown out of the existing framework in Lille Gråbrødrestræde and our Business Center, which is today located in the bank's head office in Aarup. In the business area, the move means that we are getting closer to our growth market and to our many partners. I look forward to using the new office facilities, and I am convinced that they - together with our growth branch in Tarup - will contribute to making Totalbanken even more visible in Odense," says Ivan Sløk, bank director at Totalbanken and forthcoming tenant.

The two buildings represent two different offers to the tenants, where the difference is the degree of service and thus also the price level. The large office building has both a staffed reception and a common staff restaurant, where the small house has fewer common facilities. The leases are suitable for companies from 20 employees and upwards and the advantage is that the tenants can adapt their leases as the companies develop.

Fynsk Erhverv will be responsible for the daily operation of the office building and will have a central role in creating a dynamic and vibrant environment for the companies that move in here.

“Everyone will be well received, as we open our reception for all guests with errands in the house. We will also offer companies to rent individual jobs in a special co-working zone. In this way, this particular office community in Cortex Business Park will be interesting for all companies, regardless of size and need,” says Jytte Reinholdt, director of Fynsk Erhverv.

Fynsk Erhverv's goal is to create a strong network environment, where it is completely natural to share knowledge and contacts across the companies and thereby get a house that buzzes with life and business.

"Among other things, we will facilitate events and other initiatives that can support a strong, sustainable community and partnership in its best version,” says Jytte Reinholdt.