Alongside the municipality of Sundsvall, Diös has driven the creation of the zoning plan for the area as part of its growth plan for central Sundsvall. Earlier this summer, Diös communicated the sale of two thirds of the development rights to Magnolia Bostad, it has now announced that K2A will acquire the remaining third. This sale is part of the company’s strategy for the 230,000 square metres of potential development rights within Diös’ entire portfolio. The transaction will take place in a company form and will be reported in the third quarter of 2021.

“It’s clear that our market is hot. We have centrally located development rights in all of our cities, and we are reviewing how these can best be used to generate new value, both for the cities and for us. In this case, we and the municipality of Sundsvall have opened up completely new possibilities for Sundsvall's city centre to grow westwards by pushing for the zoning plan, which includes more housing and businesses,” says Annie Franzon, Transactions Manager, Diös. 

K2A is a property company that is heavily focused on sustainability and has a portfolio of properties in Stockholm, Mälardalen and selected university cities.

“This project is a perfect complement to our existing portfolio in Sundsvall. We are very positive about the area and look forward to being part of creating a new, attractive neighbourhood by building well thought-out and sustainable housing,” says Johan Knaust, CEO, K2A.