The project is already pre-certified for DGNB Gold, which has required a targeted work effort with i.a. air quality, outdoor areas, optimized daylight conditions and environmentally friendly building materials.

“This is an attractive project for us as a result of, among other things, the quality of the construction, sustainability and location. We know Ørestad Syd well, and we have several investments in the area. It is a district we look at very positively,” tells Jakob Flymer, Investment Director at NREP and continues:

“Sustainability is a fundamental element in our approach to property development and our collaboration with the AG Group. Therefore, it is natural that the new project will be built according to high standards in sustainability.”

NREP and AG Gruppen are also behind the 30,000 square meter residential building Greensquare Garden on Amager, the largest Danish residential building to date which has obtained DGNB Gold certification, just as the partnership previously, among other things. has built the visionary housing projects Upcycle Studios and the Resource Rows in Ørestad South. Here, the focus was recycling and upcycling of building materials.

The Fælledkarréen is built on the edge of Fælleden with an unobstructed view to the west of the huge, fantastic nature area. The homes will be from 1 to 4 rooms and thus accommodate both Copenhagen's many singles and different family forms. Transform Architects has designed the project, which will be a square structure composed of smaller houses, which via individual proportions, facades and details create fine, rewarding spaces for living and tranquility. In addition to the intimate nooks in the courtyard, a common roof terrace will be established with space for roof gardens and community, where residents can enjoy the outdoors and the neighborhood with the magnificent view of the common as a backdrop.

The construction site is one of the last in the area, and Ørestad Syd is gradually emerging as a completed district, with a new primary school, day care institutions and good shopping opportunities. Robin Feddern, CEO of AG Gruppen, is pleased to build another project in Ørestad Syd and says:

“We have been part of the development of Ørestad Syd from the very beginning, and we look forward to being part of the completion with this project as well. Ørestad South has become a fantastic area to live in; close to town, metro and Kalvebod Fælleds nature. And with a fantastic unity and great sense of identity among the residents. People are basically just really happy to live in Ørestad South.”