The projects are expected to be completed in 2022 and 2023 and will be DGNB certified. The acquisition is the third transaction entered into by Goldman Sachs and Rubik Properties, having earlier this year acquired 10 properties comprising 1,265 residential apartments across 10 growth cities in Jutland.

“We are pleased to expand our Danish residential strategy together with Rubik Properties and do a first transaction with Maycon to deliver newly built and DGNB certified residential apartments at affordable rents. This represents our first exposure to Ringsted, further diversifying our portfolio,” said Henrik Ohlsen, Executive Director in the Real Estate business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

“We are incredibly thankful for the trust from Goldman Sachs and motivated by expanding our portfolio to 13 properties comprising approximately 1,500 residential units across Denmark defined by DGNB certified residential projects located in regional growth cities, which all match our strategic focus on affordable housing,” said Jacob Smergel-Krog, CEO of Rubik Properties

“We are humbled by the interest from Goldman Sachs and we are very pleased with our professional and good cooperation with them. At the same time, we are pleased with the very positive interest we have experienced in the project,” says Anders Mayland, CEO of Maycon A/S.

Project developer Bjarne Mayland supplements:

“Kasernebyen is Ringsted's new green district and is also a project that arouses great interest and has resulted in very positive support from both architects, contractors, partners and residents. And for good reason. The project is certified according to the construction industry's stamp of approval that sustainability has been considered in the project. It is not only assessed on the basis of whether it is environmentally sustainable but also on how socially and economically sustainable it is,” says Bjarne Mayland.

Goldman Sachs and Rubik Properties were advised by resp. Brunn & Hjejle, KPMG, NIRAS and Colliers. Maycon was advised by Lundgrens, Inforevision, MOE and CBRE.