NCC’s assignment also includes the construction of an underground parking garage with courtyard on top. The aim is to certify the project in accordance with LEED Platinum and qualify for energy efficiency class A. Renewable energy sources such as a downhole heat exchanger and solar panels will be used to heat the buildings and to provide some of the electricity production.

“Together with NREP, we have jointly set ambitious sustainability targets for this project and it will be milestone on the journey toward sustainable and carbon-neutral building construction. We look forward to commencing our second project with NREP,” says Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of Building Nordics.

The project marks the start of a new residential area in Turku, and it also represents NREP’s largest project in the city.

“We have set ambitious climate targets for our property portfolio and the apartments that will now be built in Turku will be carbon neutral. The achievement of these targets will also require a great deal from our partners. NCC can manage complex construction projects and shares our view of sustainable construction. We are pleased to realize this major, multifaceted project together with NCC,” says Petri Valkama, Partner and Director at NREP.

Earth and groundworks will commence in March and the first buildings will be completed in January 2024.

The order will be registered in the NCC Building Nordics business area in the first quarter of 2022.