The two robot companies, Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots, are to have a new shared head office in Odense – Cobot & AMR Hub. The building will be approximately 20,000 square meters in size and constructed in wood. Here, NCC will be able to draw on its experience from the new office of the Danish Building and Property Agency in Odense, one of Denmark’s largest wooden buildings.

“In this project, we will have the opportunity to employ many of our skills, which also include construction in wood. We are now creating a dynamic office for two companies that are at the very forefront of their field. They will be moving into a top-class head office,” says Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of NCC Building Nordics.

Cobot & AMR Hub is built to accommodate more employees and the interior is adapted to work with new robot technology and automation. The office building will be three stories high with generous open areas, large windows and wood for the load-bearing structures and on the walls.

The construction work will commence in April 2022 and the property is expected to be ready for occupancy in January 2024.

The transaction is a turnkey contract, with an order value amounting to approximately SEK 450 million, and will be registered among orders in the first quarter of 2022 in the NCC Building Nordics business area.