Jack Renteria currently leads Living By Alfa at ALFA Development A/S, a privately owned Danish development company. He is overseeing the expansion of the Living By Alfa brand across Denmark and Sweden, introducing one of the Nordics’ pioneering fully serviced build-to-rent communities. He today officially assumes his voluntary two-year term as National Chair.

"Having spent 15 years in Denmark, I've witnessed Danish innovation in the built environment that has reverberated globally. From design and urban strategies to technology and sustainability initiatives, the Danes have consistently led the way. Our ULI Denmark members are often sought after to engage in impactful dialogues, sharing insights from Danish best practices on a worldwide basis. In my new role, I aim to advance the international network for our members and at the same time bring global best practices to Denmark to share their expertise, inspiring our local practices. The annual ULI C Change Summit, where real estate professionals convene to address workable solutions to accelerate the decarbonisation of our industry, is being held in Copenhagen this week – and it represents a perfect example of this exchange,” says Jack Renteria.

“I would like to express my gratitude to our outgoing Chair, Jesper Bo Hansen, for his significant support as the inaugural Chair of ULI Denmark, as part of which he laid the foundations for ULI to now develop further under Jack Renteria’s leadership. Jack Renteria has been an esteemed member of ULI for nearly a decade. He has been instrumental in establishing ULI in Denmark as one of the founding members of the local Executive Committee. His commitment and energy towards ULI make him the ideal choice to further expand ULI's presence in Denmark and we look forward to collaborate closely to make this happen," says Lisette van Doorn, CEO, ULI Europe.