Peab bought the property in 2011 and began planning a new city borough at Mariehöjd in Umeå. We are now starting on the eighth of nine planned stages, commissioned by Mariehöjd Produktion which is a company jointly owned by HSB Norr and Peab Bostad. In addition to the 79 apartments there will be two common areas consisting of a sauna and relax area as well as a short stay apartment/boardroom.

“We’re happy and proud to continue to participate in the community development of Umeå. We consider contributing to more homes for the city’s residents as well as new people moving in an important part of what we call locally produced community building. We work together with HSB Norr to create inclusive city boroughs regarding both the homes and the environment surrounding them,” says Susanne Hallberg, Region Manager Peab.

Mariehöjd has been an attractive area for several years. The completed stages include one with an apartment building with apartments for rent and six with tenant-owner apartment buildings.

“HSB continues its substantial investment in new housing in northern Sweden, and with HSB Brf Mariehöjd 8 we offer our many home savers, members and stakeholders yet another opportunity for a really good home. Whether they’re looking for a studio apartment or a larger two bath, four or five room apartment with a laundry room, they’ll find one here. Larger apartments are in great demand by families that need more space and already live in this popular area,” says Elin Nilsson, Project Manager at HSB.