Niklas Sparw has worked at NCC for more than 25 years, including as head of NCC Engineering and Sustainability, and is currently Head of division within NCC Building Sweden. He has a master's degree in civil engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. He assumes his new role on 1 February 2024, succeeding Henrik Landelius who, as previously announced, will leave NCC for a role outside the company.

“Niklas Sparw has extensive and broad experience from several different roles at NCC, where he has demonstrated that he is a wise and appreciated leader who can lead change and drive profitability. I look forward to working more closely with him in this new role to further develop the business,” says Tomas Carlsson, CEO of NCC.

“I am comfortable with the direction of the business area, but I am also very much aware that our industry and our business environment are evolving – and we need to do the same. We have a good opportunity to further strengthen an already strong position,” says Niklas Sparw, incoming Head of NCC Building Sweden.

Since 2020, Helena Hed has been president and CEO of the consulting group Projektengagemang. She has previously worked for 19 years within Sweco, including as CEO of Sweco Management and as regional manager for Sweco Rail and Sweco Environment. She has a master’s degree in civil engineering from Luleå University of Technology. She will assume her new role at NCC no later than in June 2024.

“I know Helena Hed as a commercial, driven and committed leader, which is needed on the large, complex projects that will realize the green industrial transition. Her broad experience in combination with her personal ties and strong involvement in developments in northern Sweden bode well for success,” says Tomas Carlsson, CEO of NCC.

“I am literally seeing the transformation of society happen before my eyes and feel tremendously committed to making a new and very tangible contribution. I look forward to building up this new business area supported by NCC’s broad experience and skilled employees,” says Helena Hed, incoming Head of NCC Green Industry Transformation.

As of 2024, NCC Green Industry Transformation will be a new business area within NCC where expertise from all over NCC will be gathered to run large projects driven by the green industrial transition.