It is now clear that Söderberg & Partners, which offers a variety of financial services and advice in areas such as insurance, occupational pensions and asset management, will become a new tenant in Urban Escape. Here, Söderberg & Partners will be able to co-locate several of its operations.

"In Urban Escape, we have found the right context for Söderberg and Partners' continued journey and expansion. Here we look forward to co-locating our operations, which we are convinced will have positive synergistic effects on the operations, our offer and our corporate culture. We see also looking forward to becoming part of the quarter with its wide range of trade, restaurants and services," says Fredrik Taube, head of purchasing at Söderberg & Partners.


Jenny Sivervik, market area manager city AMF Fastigheter, comments on the letting and the agreement that was reached in a relatively short time.

"We notice that many of our tenants today work more strategically with the question of what the office should actually offer. It is clear that the soft values are becoming increasingly important. In our discussions with Söderberg & Partners, we have had a consensus on the question of the office's role and the importance of finding the right premises in the right context for the new working life. We are very happy to be able to welcome Söderberg & Partners to Urban Escape."


At the turn of the year, it became clear that the then tenant, Wework, who had been in the block since 2019, would leave the property at the end of January 2024. It is rare that AMF Fastigheter can offer such a large, contiguous area in the crown jewel of Stockholm's central business district and the interest for taking over the premises, in whole or in part, has therefore been big. The work to fill Trollhättan 29 with new content to continue creating value in the city and the neighborhood has been going on for some time.

"The great interest can be seen as confirmation that the real estate market is standing strong in central Stockholm, despite challenging times. Urban Escape proves to be well positioned even in the tougher market climate that prevails, thanks in large part to the attractive location. The rental confirms that the location continues to be important both for cultural building and the office's attractiveness, says Marie Barkman," CEO of the company Urban Escape KB, jointly owned by AMF and AP7.


Söderberg & Partners takes over the entire property at Trollhättan 29 next to Brunkebergstorg with a total leased area of 11,088 square meters. Söderberg & Partners will gain access to the premises on January 2, 2025. The premises will be slightly adapted, but much of the office environment and furnishings will be reused, which is in line with both Söderberg & Partners and AMF Fastigheter's sustainability goals.