The Swedish computer game industry, including subsidiaries abroad, had a turnover of SEK 86.5 billion in 2022, according to a report from the Computer Games Industry. That is more than the Swedish wood industry's turnover during the same period. Computer games are a strong growth industry that accounts for over 4 percent of Sweden's total service exports.


The area between Södra station and Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm in Stockholm is one of the places in the world that gathers the most game developers. The property Fatburen and the nearby block Stockholmsverken today form a cluster for companies in game development, including Paradox, DICE, Fatshark and Epic Games. Now the area is further consolidated as an epicenter for the industry when Stockholm's first co-working and gathering point for game developers opens its doors here.

"Game Town will be a professional and at the same time playful environment for smaller game studios that want to work and develop among other developers. We want people who share the same passion for games and game development as we do to gather here," says Christian Lovstedt, CEO of the game developer Midjiwan AB who is now founding Game Town.


Game Town will bring together smaller companies and freelancers in computer game development and will be an open and welcoming place for the entire industry to gather.

"We are so excited about this collaboration with Game Town, a venture that we believe is absolutely perfect for both the property and the neighborhood. This will further strengthen the area as a hub for the industry and we hope that the next big gaming hits will be created right here, " says Karin Jernström Nyberg, market area manager at AMF Fastigheter.


The Swedish computer games industry's own organization, Dataspelsbranschen, will also move into the premises. Here they will organize press conferences, market days, lectures and more.

"Within a radius of one kilometer on Södermalm, there are at least 3,000 game developers, which makes it perhaps the world's densest place for game developers. Games are created here for billions of players worldwide. Maybe there is something in the earth's magnetic field that makes for extra good games? Game Town will lie in the middle of this hub and it is a given that the industry organization's office should be right here, says Per Strömbäck, chairman of the Dataspelsindustrin (the Computer Games Industry)."


Game Town opened at the address Magnus Ladulåsgatan 65 on a smaller scale on April 2, 2024 and in its entirety after the summer. The responsible letter from AMF Fastigheter is Jakob Svensson.