Lars Jensen is a trained architect from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, and has more than 20 years of experience in urban development and architecture in Copenhagen. He comes from a position as a manager at SLETH, where for the past 15 years he has led the company's projects in and around Copenhagen, e.g. the urban development of Nordhavn as an advisor for City and Port. In addition, he has many years of experience as a censor and as a member of the Association of Architects' panel of judges.


As city architect, Lars Jensen is tasked with supporting the municipality's work in architecture and urban development. This includes advising Copenhagen Municipality's administrations and political committees on urban development and architecture, contributing to debate on the city's development and contributing to the development of skills of employees in the Technical and Environmental Administration.


Deputy Director of the Technical and Environmental Administration Karsten Biering Nielsen says:

"We are incredibly happy to have Lars on board. With Lars, we get a skilled and committed team player who, through strong professional advice, can lift our work to develop Copenhagen and to implement the vision of the Technical and Environmental Committee; Our Copenhagen 2035. Furthermore, the climate challenges call for a new way of thinking about architecture, which Lars must help us develop, so that we can best support construction in a climate-friendly and future-proof direction."


And the future city architect looks forward to contributing to the city's development:

"I am very proud of the trust I have been given by being given the opportunity to contribute to Copenhagen's development as a city architect. I have a great love for Copenhagen and I myself live in the city with my family. I look forward to coming starting the work and I look forward to collaborating with all those involved in Copenhagen's architecture and urban development.”