These Were the Highest Paid CEOs in 2019

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the wages of the CEOs in the largest Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange.

... And Here Are the Highest Paid Management Groups

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the wages of the rest of the management groups in the Nordic real estate giants.

Entra: “Some of Our Tenants Are Struggling”

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of the office investor Entra, tells Nordic Property News on the company’s view on the ongoing corona crisis, how it affects their business and how Entra was prepared for this extreme scenario.

“There Will Be Both Positive and Negative Effects on the Norwegian Property Market”

Norway Norway — Bent Oustad, CEO of the listed real estate company Norwegian Property, tells Nordic Property News on the office investor’s actions during the crisis and which effects he sees among their tenants.

After the Crisis: This Will Be the Future Financial Challenges

Sweden Sweden — Claes Måhlén, Chief Strategist at Handelsbanken Capital Markets, on the macroeconomic situation due to the corona outbreak, how the Sweden residential market will be affected and how the government can lead the country through the crisis.

”The Entire Society and Our Shopping Centers Are Affected”

Nordic — Magnus Bergman, Vice President Shopping Center Management at the Nordic listed retail property owner Citycon, on how the company support their struggling retail tenants in the shopping malls during the corona crisis and whether an option is to lower the rents.

The Newly Formed Real Estate Company's Nordic Targets

Nordic — Building giant Peab's newly formed real estate company Annehem Fastigheter has appointed Jörgen Lundgren as CEO. He tells Nordic Property News about the challenges in the corona crisis and shares his view on the Oslo and Helsinki markets.

Here Are the Market Cap Among the Nordic Listed Property Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the current market capitalization among the Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange. How much have the values decreased, due to the coronavirus?

Cushman & Wakefield: “There Is a Wait and See Mentality”

Finland Finland — Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield Finland, tells Nordic Property News about the short and long-term effects on the Finnish real estate market, due to the corona crisis.

These Are the Winners and Losers on the Stock Market in March

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange in March.

This Is the Biggest Challenge for the Real Estate Heavyweight

Sweden Sweden — Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam: ”We need to find solutions, so that our tenants survive the crisis.”

These Are the Property Companies' Largest Tenants

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest tenants in the major real estate companies on the Nordic stock exchange.

Blackstone: ”We Remain Positive on the Long-Term Outlook for the Nordics”

Nordic — James Seppala, Head of Real Estate Europe at Blackstone, on the immediate investment effects due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the latest investments across the Nordic region.

These Are the Most Powerful Owners in the Nordic Property Giants

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents an updated list of the largest owners in the listed real estate companies in the Nordic region.

The Corona Effects on the Nordic Preference Shares

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents an updated list of the Nordic real estate companies’ preferred stocks. Which stock provides the highest yield and which stock has had the best development, so far, this year?

After Ilija Batljan's Major Acquisition: Country Manager Leaves Hemfosa

Nordic — One of Hemfosa’s most profiled appointments leaves the company after just a few months. This will be the next step.

The Nordic Transaction Effects During the Corona Crisis

Nordic — Mikael Söderlundh, Head of Research and Partner at Pangea Property Partners, on immediate corona effects in the Nordics and which property segments that are struggling the most during the coronavirus eruption.

“There Is a Certain Risk of a Prolonged Recession”

Nordic — In times of uncertainty: How long will it take for the property market to normalize? Peter Winther, CEO of Colliers International Denmark, shares his thoughts on the major effects on the Nordic property market, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After the Danish Entry: These Are the Benefits for K-Fastigheter

Denmark Denmark — Jacob Karlsson, CEO of K-Fastigheter, tells Nordic Property News why Denmark is an attractive market, which plans the company has in the neighbour country and whether he sees any short-term concerns due to the coronavirus.

The Property Value of the Nordic Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the property value in the major real estate companies on the stock exchange in the Nordic region.

Cromwell Is Going for the EUR 1 Billion: ”Will Keep the Income Flow”

Nordic — Rob Cotterell, European Head of Transactions at Cromwell Property Group, shares his view on the Nordic property market, which differences he sees among the Nordic markets and how to replace Tomas Beck who has joined the Blackstone team.

“The Construction Time Financing Has Become More Difficult to Find”

Finland Finland — Finnish property investor Avara’s CIO Tuomas Rantsi tells Nordic Property News about the JV with Starwood, residential challenges in Finland and the strategy for 2020.

Further Investments in Progress – Tristan to Gear Up in the Nordics

Nordic — Anne-Jan Jager, Tristan Capital Partners: ”We are positive about the future development of the capital cities.”

The Nordic Companies That Have Invested the Most in Their Own Portfolios

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest investments from the listed companies in the Nordics in 2019 – in their own portfolios.

Key Indicators That Attracts M&G Real Estate into the Nordics

Nordic — Marc Reijnen, the global real estate investment manager M&G Real Estate’s Head of Investment and Asset Management, Continental Europe, on the Nordic operations last year, which Nordic country they do not invest in and the 2020 targets.