"For Balder, the choice is between everything or nothing"

Nordic — He has hinted at it before. Balder can take many paths forward and nothing seems set in stone for CEO Erik Selin. From being a company that hoards building rights, there is now reasoning about divestments. A direction towards a more rational company, he says when the second quarterly report is presented.

"Castellum will never finish selling"

Nordic — On Tuesday, it was time for Castellum, led by CEO Joacim Sjöberg, to report how the company performed during the first half of the year. They are not done with sales, but it's time to open the wallet. Not least when the rentals need a lift.

SLP: "The investments bear fruit"

Sweden Sweden — SLP, Swedish Logistic Property, continues forward on the beaten path. For the past five years, the company has acquired one property a month. At the presentation of the second quarter, CEO Tommy Åstrand explains how the expansion affects the company and the strategy when they add new properties to the portfolio.

Arnhult: "Corem still have properties worth a few billions for sale"

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult states that the challenges that Corem had a year ago have now been significantly mitigated and with more rate cuts on the way, he sees a brighter future for both Corem and the sector as a whole. During the company's report presentation on Friday, he highlighted the improved figures during Q2, how the average interest rate for the company has now reached its peak and why there is less pressure to sell as many properties as last year.

Oscar Properties' CEO cannot rule out more liquidated subsidiaries

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties CEO Richard Bagge cannot rule out that more subsidiaries may be liquidated during the company's process of trying to sell their remaining properties. For Nordic Property News he also further explains his view of what may happen to the company when the properties are gone and it may have to be reshaped.

Ylva Sarby Westman after Neobo's report: "Sweden needs more housing"

Sweden Sweden — During Wednesday, Neobo presented its result after the first half of 2024. Net income increased to SEK 229 million, which is an increase of 3.4 percent, while the management result decreased from SEK 75 to 68 million. "The company's operations continue to develop positively", says Neobo's CEO, Ylva Sarby Westman.

Why student housing is of investment interest for Slättö

Nordic — Christian Bratt, Partner and Head of Residential, Slättö, on the major deal with K2A, and the strategy for the new value add fund. "An extensive Nordic investment mandate."

Selin: "In some places nothing may be built for ten years"

Sweden Sweden — Balder's CEO Erik Selin gave an overview of the company when he participated in the Capital Markets Days held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Båstad. The real estate veteran is clear that it's calm waters for the real estate giant at the moment with few projects, and he has also not seen many cheap objects on the market that are tempting to buy.

Norwegian oil fund passes NOK 18,000 billion in value - this is its real estate holdings

Norway Norway — The Norwegian oil fund breaks records and now has a value of over NOK 18,000 billion, this after closing 2023 with a value of NOK 15,765 billion. Nordic Property News has taken a look at the fund's holdings in Nordic listed real estate companies and here you can read how the ownership looks after half of 2024. Among other things, the fund has entered into several large Swedish construction companies since the turn of the year.

Vasakronan's CEO on the challenging rental market

Sweden Sweden — Johanna Skogestig, CEO of Vasakronan, tells Nordic Property News about the first six months for the Nordics’ largest property company, and the main focus, going forward.

Hans Wallenstam: "The worst is behind us now"

Sweden Sweden — All the key figures in Wallenstam's Q2 point in the right direction according to Hans Wallenstam, who sees a turning point for the industry and the market as a whole. The Wallenstam CEO sees progressively better times ahead, where he hopes that the company will be able to start even more projects and be able to build more homes for the roughly 235,000 people who are in Wallenstam's housing queue.

Wihlborgs: "No reason for us to go wild"

Nordic — Wihlborgs leaves behind a relatively positive quarter and has already had a good start to the next one. With that behind her, CEO Ulrika Hallengren feels safer for the future, there will be no drama. But the focus going forward is still to develop the own properties and projects. Growth through acquisition is not the main option, she says when presenting the second quarter report for 2024.

The Nordic top recruitments and appointments in Q2

Nordic — A number of CEO positions and other key-roles within the companies on the Nordic real estate market got filled during the second quarter of 2024. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the hottest Nordic recruitments in Q2.

Dahlbo: "Time to prove ourselves after such a disappointing first half of the year"

Sweden Sweden — Fabege continues to report negative net rental in Q2 as well, and in total during the first half of the year the key figure lands at SEK -74 million, far short of the company's annual target of SEK 80 million. Fabege's CEO now believes that it will be difficult to reach that goal, and despite frustration over protracted discussions in the market, he is confident that the net rental will sort itself out during the second half of the year. Here he also comments on the negative impact on Arenabolaget and what effect the upcoming name change and Petter Stordalen may have its future.

The trends that could put upward pressure on logistics rents

Nordic — Savills IM has made a new divestment from the Nordic Logistics Club Deal Fund. After the sale to Swiss Life AM, Lisen Heijbel, Head of Investment, Nordics at Savills IM, tells Nordic Property News about the state of the transaction market for logistics, where Savills IM wants to make new acquisitions and how she sees the Nordic logistics markets developing in the future.

June strongest transaction month since december 2022

Nordic — June saw the highest volume on the Nordic transaction market since December 2022, according to the latest figures from transaction advisor Colliers. At the same time, the first half of the year has been significantly stronger than the corresponding period in 2023, with a transaction volume of 12.4 billion euros, an increase of 23 percent. Nordic Property News provides more details about the Nordic market's first half of the year.

Oscar Properties appeals reconstruction ruling to the Supreme Court

Sweden Sweden — On May 20, Oscar Properties appealed the district court's decision to deny the company reconstruction, and now the Svea Court of Appeal has made its assessment on the matter – the decision is to reject the company's appeal, as can be seen from a document from the Court of Appeal that Nordic Property News has seen. Oscar Properties confirm that they are appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.

Sofia Ljungdahl: "We have to build more flexibly"

Nordic — How has the Sweden venture gone for Norwegian Obos so far? Is the team in place and the direction set? Nordic Property News has met Sofia Ljungdahl, CEO of Obo's Nya Hem, and talked about everything from building right portfolios to football.

After the Blackstone divestment – here are Nrep's plans for the Finnish logistics segment

Finland Finland — Nrep announced a major divestment and sold a logistics portfolio in Finland to funds managed by Blackstone for EUR 135 million. Joonas Lemström, Head of Finland at Nrep, tells Nordic Property News about the plans for the logistics segments following the divestment, which locations they consider attractive for new investment and how they see the segment developing going forward.

Trianon makes large residential acquisition: "Population growth and very good communications to Malmö"

Sweden Sweden — Trianon continues to do great business. After last week selling its share in Rosengård centrum, it is now buying a large housing stock in southern Skåne. CEO Olof Andersson tells Nordic Property News about the deals with Stjernplan and Hemmaplan, how they want to develop their housing portfolio and about the goals to reach during the second half of 2024.

Strategy change for Riksbyggen: "We will now build up a larger property portfolio again"

Sweden Sweden — With the Unobo deal in the books, Riksbyggen takes aim toward increasing its property portfolio. CEO Johanna Frelin tells Nordic Property News about the change in strategy, entering new urban development projects and how she sees the housing construction market developing in Sweden.

Major vacancies in Oscar Properties' portfolio

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties' vulnerable situation becomes even more apparent after the much-delayed Q1 report was released late on Friday evening last week. In addition to the fact that the company is in a very critical financial situation for its continued operations, since the end of the last financial year the company's accounting principles have been changed to no longer assume continued operations but a liquidation of the operations. And a look at the extensive vacancies in the portfolio shows that the company is missing out on many millions in rental income. CEO Richard Bagge comments on the situation for Nordic Property News.

Winners and losers on the stock market in June

Nordic — June was an in-between month for the Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange, without any major rises or falls for most of the companies. Nordic Property News presents the winners and losers on the stock exchange during the sixth month of the year.

After dissolving the JV – this is how Hemmaplan wants to grow

Sweden Sweden — After a transaction last week the Swedish real estate company, Hemmaplan, now has the keys to two commercial district centers in what are usually referred to as socially vulnerable areas in Sweden. CEO Cecilia Safaee has a clear plan on how the company want to grow.

"I really think we can build something unique"

Denmark Denmark — Thylander gets a new CEO as Bjarke Mikkelsen takes the helm while Lars Thylander assumes the role of Chairman of the Board. Bjarke Mikkelsen tells Nordic Property News about his return to the Denmark and the first step into an environment where real estate will be his main business, the state of Thylander and the company’s most important tasks going forward.