Blackstone Company Makes Management Changes

Nordic — Mileway to hire three Nordic key employees.

Updated List: The Biggest Owners in the Listed Companies

Nordic — After the news that Obos has become a major owner in NCC, Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at who owns most of the capital in the listed industry giants. Here is the full list.

Rising Yields Expected in Sweden’s Major Cities

Sweden Sweden — Here is the expected development of yields in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, according to SEPREF’s consensus forecast.

The Most Valuable Real Estate Companies on the Stock Exchange

Nordic — The recovery on the stock market continues for the real estate companies and the sector had another strong day on Monday. Nordic Property News presents an updated list of the most valuable real estate companies on the stock exchange at the moment.

Leaves John Mattson to Take the CEO Position at Tilia

Sweden Sweden — Tilia Fastigheter has appointed a new CEO. Going forward, the company will be led by Christina Hansson, who joins from John Mattson, where she was Head of Property Management. Christina Hansson tells Nordic Property News the assignment, her view of Tilia's position and about the leaving a listed company for a family-owned.

November 2022: The Nordic Top Transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in the Nordics during November, 2022.

CEO Leaves Thylander Gruppen

Denmark Denmark — After approximately 3.5 years at Thylander Gruppen, CEO Kristian Krogh chooses to leave the company. He tells Nordic Property News about the decision, his time at the company and about his plans going forward.

The Rent Development, Vacancy Rate and Future Supply on the Stockholm Office Market

Sweden Sweden — With analysis from Citymark Analysis, Nordic Property News can present exclusive figures on the office market in Stockholm: Vacancy development and vacancies in the past six months, the rent development compared to 2021 and what future supply on the market looks like from the turn of the year.

Why the Swedish Residential Market Is About to Slow Down

Sweden Sweden — Henrik Roderhult, Director, Newsec Advisory in Sweden, on the Swedish transaction market, and why he expects a backlash on the residential market, going forward.

The Foreign Ownership in the Listed Nordic Real Estate Companies

Nordic — Listed Nordic real estate companies has become a hot commodity for foreign investors. Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at the foreign ownership.

Sleepless Batljan on Target with SBB's Divestment Plan

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan has worked almost around the clock to complete the large structural deal with Brookfield that was presented on Wednesday morning. With the sale, which can bring in a total of 10.4 billion SEK to SBB, the company is finished with its divestment plan according to Ilija Batljan. Here he talks more about the big agreement and the effect it has on SBB's finances going forward.

November 2022: Winners and Losers on the Nordic Stock Markets

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange in November.

Opportunities on the Transaction Market Could Open Up Due to the Sharp Fall of Real Estate Stocks

Nordic — Pangea's Head of Research, Mikael Söderlundh sees an active pipeline despite the fact that the transaction market is currently in a wait-and-see mode. The sharp fall for real estate stocks in 2022 could trigger some interesting types of business, according to Söderlundh who expands on the various effects that could materialize in 2023.

The Companies with the Highest Net Operating Income in Q3

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the net operating income among the Nordic property giants, during Q3.

NREP Ready for German Expansion – Here Is What they Are Looking for

Nordic — NREP takes a new step by making its first real estate investment in Germany. Rune Kock, Real Estate CEO at NREP, tells Nordic Property News about the first investment, what segments they will focus on in Germany, which locations he views as attractive for new acquisitions, the possibility of more JV investments and how the German operations will be run.

Kåpan Fastigheter's Plans after the Split from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Last week, Kåpan Pensioner acquired SBB's share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader and announced a name change to Kåpan Fastigheter. Cecilia Vestin, CEO of Kåpan Fastigheter, tells Nordic Property News about the ambitions as a wholly-owned Kåpan-company.

"Real Estate Stocks Might Have Reached a Bottom"

Nordic — Catella's Head of Research Sweden, Arvid Lindqvist, believes that the bottom of the stock market may have been reached for the real estate companies, or at least it will in the near future. It looks all the more bleak for the direct market, which will begin to feel the effects of the recession over the next 18 months. He tells Nordic Property News more about how the real estate sector is faring in today's tough economic climate and what the challenges look like going forward.

Updated Figures: These Are the Best Performing Preference Shares in the Nordics

Nordic — Nordic Property News has listed the Nordic real estate companies’ preferred stocks. Which stock provides the highest yield and which stock has had the best development, so far, in 2022?

Fabege's CEO on Moody's Negative Outlook

Sweden Sweden — Fabege gets to keep its Baa2 rating, but Moody's has decided to change the company's outlook from stable to negative due to the rising market interest rates and the risk of the interest coverage ratio deteriorating. Fabege CEO Stefan Dahlbo tells Nordic Property News how he views the announcement and the company's future prospects.

"The International Market has Pulled the Breaks"

Nordic — Troubled times lead to investors looking to their own local market. Peter Wiman, Head of Research at EY Real Estate, shares his view on the international real estate markets.

The Highest Property Values Among the Nordic Listed Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the property value in the major real estate companies on the stock exchange in the Nordic region.

Brunswick Streamlines with Investment Focus – Here Are the Expansion Plans

Nordic — Brunswick is streamlining its operations. The debt business is divested and the focus going forward will be on investments. Patrik Andersson, CEO of Brunswick Real Estate, tells Nordic Property News about the decision to close the debt business, which companies you want to expand, which new companies you can imagine establishing and which markets and segments you see as the most interesting going forward.

So Far in 2022: They Increased Their Rental Income the Most

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list of the how much the listed companies increased their rental incomes in the first nine months 2022.

The Factor that Could Set the Playing Field on the Transaction Market

Sweden Sweden — Both on the transaction market and on the stock exchange, it is the logistics companies that show the most resilience in these tough economic times. Pangea's Head of Research, Mikael Söderlundh, tells Nordic Property News about the segment's strengths, the challenges ahead and the big question that may set the stage for the transaction market.

"Clear Potential to Both Continue Growing Our Presence in Europe, but also to Widen Our Perspectives"

Nordic — Frans Heijbel has assumed his new role as Managing Director, Strategy and M&A, at Heimstaden. He tells Nordic Property News about his new position, how he views Heimstaden’s strategy and what role M&A will play for the company going forward.