The advisors' new transaction reality: "Today a SEK 1 billion deal is considered substantial"

Nordic — Nordic Property News today begins a series of articles in which some of the industry's largest transaction advisors give their view of how they have experienced the historically weak transaction market so far this year. They talk about the new challenges, opportunities and trends in the market. First up in the survey are CBRE and Catella.

"Areim is an exciting company"

Nordic — Areim changes CEO – in March 2024, Henrik Landelius steps in and succeeds Therese Rattik. The incoming CEO tells Nordic Property News about the choice to join Areim, how he views the company, the strength of having Therese Rattik remain in the organization, how he is as a leader and about full focus on the end of NCC.

Leiv Synnes on SBB's latest crisis measures

Sweden Sweden — SBB's CEO Leiv Synnes tells Nordic Property News about Sunday evening's big strategic transaction which means that SBB releases majority control over Educo and presents a new corporate structure. Read about the ambitions with the changes, how the new structure is intended to strengthen the company going forward and the plan for the housing portfolio.

They have the lowest ICRs in the Nordics

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents a list over the Nordic listed companies with the lowest Interest Coverage Ratios for Q2 2023.

Exclusive with the global powerhouse: Nuveen on their Nordic strategy

Nordic — Nordic Property News got an exclusive interview with two representatives of Nuveen Real Estate, one of the world's largest property managers and investors. Portfolio manager and Head of European Real Estate Randy Giraldo talks about the investor's strategy in the market and the big focus in the coming decade, while Nordic transaction manager Oscar Maltesen comments on their view of Swedish properties, the most interesting segments and the price adjustment they are waiting for.

The Highest LTVs in the Nordics

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how high the loan-to-value ratio the listed companies had in Q2 2023.

This is how Doxa will increase the value of Serneke

Sweden Sweden — CEO Victor Persson talks about why the valuation of Serneke went up over 200 million after the acquisition, the strengths of Karlatornet and how Doxa will realize maximum value in the previously listed company.

"I am almost surprised by the negative view of the housing market"

Sweden Sweden — John Sjölund, CFO at ALM Equity participated in Stockholm Corporate Finance's capital market days with a focus on the real estate market. He said, among other things, that there were several interested parties at Klövern, but also what made the decision in Nrep's favor in that deal. At the same time, he sees bright prospects for newly produced rental housing going forward.

Prime office rent expectancy for Sweden’s major citites

Sweden Sweden — The prognosis for prime office rents raised in Gothenburg and Malmö, according to SEPREF’s consensus report.

After Karlatornet – here is Serneke's next skyskraper project

Sweden Sweden — The 141 meter high building will be Lund's tallest building when the project for Torgkvarteren in Brunnshög is completed. Now the building plan, which contains approximately 55,000 square meters of buildings in two blocks, is close to getting the green light.

After the weak start to 2023: Here are Catella’s transaction volume predictions

Finland Finland — Catella’s Managing Director Antti Louko on the continued strong global interest in Finnish properties, and the challenges on the market. “I would assume also rest of the year will be weak in terms of transaction volume.”

New Swedish investment law heavily criticized

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish parliament has passed a new law on foreign direct investments. In certain transactions, the law may mean that conditions, such as access conditions, need to be included in the transfer agreements. According to Mikael Laag, partner at the law firm Real Advokatbyrå and specialist in real estate law, this will likely have an impact on all transactions in the real estate industry. “It was quick and it was wrong when this law was introduced,” he says to Nordic Property News.

Schroders' plans for the Finnish market

Finland Finland — Schroders makes changes to its Finnish portfolio through divestments of two large office buildings. Johan Bråkenhielm, Head of Nordics Real Estate, Schroders. tells Nordic Property News about the divestments, the possibility of more transactions, Schroders plans for the Finnish market and shares his view of the current market situation in Finland.

Top economist: "The interest rate will not be lowered until September 2024"

Sweden Sweden — Nordea's Chief Economist Annika Winsth participated in JLL's latest Nordic Outlook held last week. She was clear that she does not want to see any more interest rate increases from the Swedish Riksbank, but that she sees an obvious risk that there will be an increase not only in September but also in November. She also comments on the problems in the Swedish real estate market, where she seeks nuance and an understanding of why the market has such a bad reputation internationally.

"Almost no new areas in the pipeline"

Sweden Sweden — There is a shortage of warehouse and logistics building land in Gothenburg and the detailed plans are lagging behind. The solution may be to demolish older buildings of the same type with already existing detailed plans. Christina Kämpe, Regional Manager at Colliers in Gothenburg, predicts a golden future for the Brownfield conversion.

Real estate stocks almost halved in value since the peak

Nordic — The listed real estate companies have lost 49 percent of their value from the peak in November 2021, but at the same time have risen 20 percent since October last year. JLL's head of analysis Niclas Höglund gives his view of the real estate market and why he had hoped for slightly better performance as an indicator of the direction of the direct market going forward.

"We see a lot more movement in the retail industry"

Nordic — Steen & Strøm has appointed Christian Brewaeys as new CEO. He tells Nordic Property News about his new position, how he views the company’s Nordic position, whether acquisitions or divestments could be on the table and about his view of the development of the Nordic retail markets.

They could join Doxa – the arenas proposed to be dedicated for Eurovision

Sweden Sweden — Malmö Arena will host the heats and the final of next year's Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö. But more premises are needed for such a huge event to be carried out, and the city office will therefore be tasked with negotiating venue agreements for the two other main arenas for the event. Nordic Property News gives you more details about the proposed arenas and the property owners.

Obos' landmark takes on new momentum this autumn

Sweden Sweden — It is almost a year ago that Obos chose not to proceed with any of the architectural proposals they had received for the major project Stadsljus, formerly Gasklockan, in Norra Djurgårdsstaden. For Nordic Property News, Anna Grinneby, project development manager at Obos, talks about how the company continues to work on the extensive project and what lies ahead later this autumn.

Bonava's Peter Wallin calm despite German market turmoil

Sweden Sweden — Bonava sells apartment stock and builds new ones in the Cologne area. This at the same time as the cancellations in housing construction increase to a new peak level and the uncertainty in the market is enormous, according to experts. But Bonava's CEO, Peter Wallin, still believes in Germany: "It is a large and multifaceted market that we know well."

Heimstaden in need of capital: "I think they need to bring in close to SEK 25 billion"

Nordic — Analyst Michael Johansson at Arctic Securities is one of those who follows Heimstaden a little more closely, and for Nordic Property News he gives his views on the situation that has arisen in Heimstaden, which is in dire need of money. He talks about the biggest problems right now and how the company can solve its financing.

Zuckerman on the battery giant's sudden defection: "Caught of guard"

Sweden Sweden — During the past weekend, Logistea and Svenljunga municipality received the sudden announcement that the Norwegian battery giant Freyr chooses to end the cooperation agreement regarding the possible establishment of a battery factory in Svenljunga. "We were caught of guard," says Logistea's CEO Niklas Zuckerman to Nordic Property News and talks about Freyr's explanation for the sudden announcement, how the company is moving forward and what they still see as potential at the planned construction site.

In the challenging environment: CBRE IM’s Nordic investment focus

Nordic — Jenny Tuleby, Head of Transactions and Investment Operations, Nordics, at CBRE IM, on her first year at the position, why she sees benefits for the investment manager on the transaction market, and in what segment CBRE IM aims to grow in the Nordics, going forward.

August 2023: The Nordic top transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Nordic property market in August, 2023.

International superstar becomes a partner in the Swedish real estate profile's company

Sweden Sweden — A Swedish property profile and an international superstar in business? It has become a reality in Greece, where Giannis Antetokounmpo's company invested in Stenhus owner Elias Georgiadis-owned Hellenic wineries. For Fastighetssverige, Elias Georgiadis talks about the deal with the world star, the success with the Greek real estate company Premia Properties and the situation on the Greek market.