Blackstone's Logistics Company Appoints Nordic Head

Nordic — Mileway strengthens its team in the Nordics by hiring Regional Manager.

Exclusive: One of the Largest Urban Development Projects in Norway

Norway Norway — Nordic Property News presents the future urban area near Oslo Airport. Read more about the number of residential units and the time schedule.

He Leaves Wework After 13 Months: ”It Has Been a Crazy Year”

Norway Norway — Henrik Taubøll leaves the position as Director of Real Estate Nordics at Wework after just one year – to return to the legal business. To Nordic Property News’ readers he tells why he leaves the coworking heavyweight now, what he has achieved and learnings from the year at the company.

“We Have Made Progress in All Aspects of our Strategy”

Nordic — Mika Matikainen, Managing Partner of Capman Real Estate, and Joakim Frimodig, CEO, on the active year of 2019, the investment criterias in 2020 and which Nordic market that is the most attractive to invest in.

The Largest Listed Companies in the Nordics

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents an updated list of the market capitalization among the Nordic construction and real estate companies on the stock exchange.

Waddell’s Finnish and Norwegian Challenges

Nordic — CBRE Finland’s MD Colin Waddell becomes new Head of Norway. He tells Nordic Property News about his most important tasks, going forward, and the main differences between the Nordic real estate markets.

The Nordic Targets of the German Investor

Nordic — Axel Wünnenberg, Managing Director at Quadoro, tells Nordic Property News about the latest Danish acquisition, why Denmark is attractive as an investment market and in which segments they are looking for assets in the Nordics.

Selvaag Bolig’s CEO: This Will Lead to Great Price Growth in Oslo

Norway Norway — Rolf Thorsen, CEO of Selvaag Bolig, tells Nordic Property News about their edge in Sweden and which challenges he sees, going forward, on the Oslo residential market.

“Our Core Markets Remain Very Strong”

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden’s CEO Biljana Pehrsson on the Q4 results, the company’s investment pace and why the Swedish market is viewed as a ”safe haven” to invest in.

The Benefits for Foreign Investors in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Thomas Færch, CEO of Gefion Group, tells Nordic Property News about the mixed-use property deal with the German investor and why Copenhagen still is an attractive investment market.

Why 2020 Will Be a Moderate Year for Olav Thon

Norway Norway — The CFO of Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap, Arne B. Sperre, tells Nordic Property News on the reasons behind the company’s increased dividend per share, the lack of investments going forward and how they manage to increase the visitor rates of their shopping centers.

Kojamo’s CEO: ”It Has Been a Lot of Interest in the Market”

Finland Finland — Jani Nieminen, CEO of the Finnish residential giant Kojamo, on the successful 2019, the new strategy and whether they were interested in the recent divested Ilmarinen portfolio.

Areim’s Finnish Residential Targets: ”A Great Platform”

Finland Finland — Areim’s Head of Finland, Markus Laine, on the financial benefits in the country and why investments in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are getting more attractive.

They Have the Most Equal Management Groups

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the gender distribution in the management of the major listed real estate companies in the Nordics.

After the Major Acquisition: These Are Antilooppi’s Future Focus Areas

Finland Finland — CIO Antti Savilampi: “A great opportunity to acquire properties which suits our strategy.”

Wihlborgs’ Keys for Success in a 'Flat' Rental Market

Denmark Denmark — The Danish rental market level is described as flat. How will Wihlborgs manage to increase the rental income in Denmark? Ulrika Hallengren, CEO: “We cannot expect higher rents by doing nothing.”

They Have the Most Equal Boards Among the Nordic Giants

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the gender distribution in the boards of the major listed real estate companies in the Nordics.

The Coastal Development Project in Denmark's Number Two

Denmark Denmark — Department Manager of C.F. Møller Architects in Aalborg, Søren Tortzen, tells more about the groundbreaking project: "One of the largest and most important city development projects in Aalborg."

YIT’s CEO: “Our Position Is Stronger than I Expected”

Finland Finland — The listed construction company YIT’s President and CEO Kari Kauniskangas on last year's results and which giant project that provide the positive figures.

Why the Office Vacancy Rates Are on High Levels in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Antti Louko, Managing Director at Catella Finland: ”It is unlikely that the situation will improve significantly in the short run.”

The Evolution of Aker Brygge: ”Many New Concepts”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on how they tackle the e-commerce threat, the Oslo focus areas and why the company is about to leave Stavanger.

Last Year’s Largest Investor: ”Plenty of Opportunities for the Future”

Denmark Denmark — In Cushman & Wakefield's annual RED report, the Aarhus residential company Koncenton is concluded as Denmark's largest real estate investor in 2019. Oliver Peters, Head of Investment at Koncenton, tells Nordic Property News about future investment targets and why they succeed finding attractive investments on the market.

How Entra Increased the Rental Income – Without Acquiring

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of Entra: “We have signed contracts on the highest level ever.”

”A Great Need for Investments in That Sector”

Nordic — Mikael Söderlundh, Head of Research and Partner at Pangea Property Partners, shares his view on the transaction year, which sector that attracts investors and why new records are expected on the very strong Nordic real estate market in 2020.

F. Scott Ball: ”Foolish Not to Buy the Assets”

Nordic — The retail property owner Citycon’s CEO F. Scott Ball on the Q4 figures, targets for 2020 and why the company purchased three assets in Norway despite claiming being a net seller.