The Sustainable Residential Focus for NREP in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Christian Axeltoft, Investment Manager at NREP, on the investment from Calum: “The district is going through a rapid development.”

Invesco Makes Additional Copenhagen Investment

Denmark Denmark — that Invesco Real Estate, the company’s global real estate investment business, has acquired the exclusive rights to a new development of prime, Class A residential Private Rented Sector (PRS) asset located in Vallensbæk, Greater Copenhagen from Real Estate Developer 1927 Estate.

Blackrock Acquires in Denmark: “They Are Very Professional”

Denmark Denmark — Peter Olsson, CEO of AP Ejendomme, tells Nordic Property News about the residential divestment to Blackrock; why it is the perfect buyer, and AP Ejendomme’s Danish investment targets, going forward.

The Residential Seller on the US Giant: “We Regard Them as an Industry Leader”

Denmark Denmark — Becker/Nielsen's CEO, lawyer Thomas Fredborg Nielsen, tells Nordic Property News about the residential divestment to Invesco, the attraction to the Copenhagen area, and their expectations in 2021 and 2022.

The US Giant’s Growth Targets in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — John German, MD Residential Investments at Invesco Real Estate, on the recent Copenhagen acquisition, the attraction to Denmark, and which Nordic country they are monitoring at this stage.

“Copenhagen Private Rented Sector Has Proven to Be Pandemic Resistant”

Denmark Denmark — Rubik Properties’ CEO Jacob Smergel-Krog on the massive interest for the Danish residential market.

Invesco Makes Another Copenhagen Investment

Denmark Denmark — Invesco Real Estate has acquired the exclusive rights to a new development of prime, Class A residential Private Rented Sector (PRS) asset located in Ishøj, Greater Copenhagen; developed by the Becker/Nielsen Group.

Why Denmark Is Booming While Most European Markets Wane

Denmark Denmark — The Danish market has boomed through the pandemic, compared to other European markets. Tom Leahy, Senior Director, EMEA Analytics at Real Capital Analytics, tells Nordic Property News about the key factors behind.

How Jeudan Will Rise in a Post Pandemic Environment

Denmark Denmark — CEO Per W. Hallgren: “We will – as always – seek further profitable investments in well-organized office properties in Copenhagen.”

The Global Hotel Interest for Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Kristian Haaber, Brand Manager of Core Hospitality, on what attracted Marriott International to Copenhagen, the outlook on the Danish hotel market, and the tough year for the hotel industry, due to the pandemic.

After the Announcement of a New CEO: Colliers Loses Senior Associate

Denmark Denmark — Joins the leading operating partner for global investors in Denmark.

The Toughest Challenges on the Danish Logistics Market

Denmark Denmark — James Robson, Senior Managing Director – Nordics, at Hines: “In Denmark, there are not many prime opportunities...”

The Danish State’s Investment Strategy on the Property Market

Denmark Denmark — After the investment from City Property Holding: Deputy Director of Danish Building and Property Agency, Kristian Lyk-Jensen, on possible acquisition targets: “We make property purchases based on a…”

Why Gefion Picked SBS in the Blockbuster Deal

Denmark Denmark — Gefion Group’s CEO Thomas Færch: “Studentbostäder i Sverige is the perfect buyer because they understand...”

What the Major Development Project Will Bring the City of Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Søren Beck-Heede, CEO of DSB Ejendomsudvikling, and Carsten Rasmussen, Director at Freja Ejendomme, shares the vision of Jernbanebyen in Copenhagen and the area around that will go through a great development, going forward.

The Sole Financial Adviser: “A Quite Unique Project”

Denmark Denmark — Jacob Kjær, Partner and Head of Denmark at real estate adviser Nordanö: “It will be the last large city district to be developed in Copenhagen in years to come.”

Gefion Group Makes Record-Breaking Divestment to SBS

Denmark Denmark — Gefion Group has just sold its entire development project on Engvej, where up to 653 youth and study residential units as well as businesses located on Engvej 155 close to Femøren metro station are being built. It is Gefion Group's largest real estate business to date.

After the Massive Sale: This Is Gefion’s Main Focus Now

Denmark Denmark — Thomas Færch, CEO of Gefion Group, tells Nordic Property News about the recent deals to foreign investors, the attraction to Denmark, and what Gefion is targeting now.

Team Cobe to Design Copenhagen’s New Green City District

Denmark Denmark — DSB Ejendomsudvikling owns a plot size of approx. 287,500 square meters attractively located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, which is the main part of Jernbanebyen. Together with Freja ejendomme, the parts have now picked Team Cobe to draw the giant project.

Why the German Investor Chooses Denmark and Finland over Sweden

Nordic — Alexander Brüning, Fund Manager at Catella RIM on the Copenhagen attraction, and what makes Sweden less attractive than its neighbouring countries.

Catella RIM Acquires Student Residence in Copenhagen for EUR 45 Million

Denmark Denmark — Berlin-based Catella Residential Investment Management has acquired the Telegrafkollegiet student residence in Copenhagen for EUR 45 million for the Catella European Student Housing Fund II. The seller is Gefion Group.

Colliers: “2021 Will Be One of the Busiest Years Ever”

Denmark Denmark — Peter Winther, CEO of Colliers Denmark, on the transaction boom in Q1, why he still is confident in an increase of Danish property deals this year, and the importance of cross border cooperation between the different teams in all Nordic countries.

Genesta Acquires Property from Castellum in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Castellum has entered into an agreement with Genesta to sell the Sundby Overdrev property at the address Kay Fiskers Plads 9-11 in Copenhagen. The purchase price of 778 MDKK is in line with the latest valuation in Q4 2020.

Copenhagen Growth Plans for M2 Asset Management

Denmark Denmark — Mia Arnhult, CEO of M2 Asset Management, tells Nordic Property News about the Copenhagen entrance: “This really is top notch in terms of rental apartments.”

M2 Asset Management Acquires Residential Units in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — M2 Asset Management acquires 99 owner-occupied apartments located in Frederiksstaden, Copenhagen and part of the iconic residential area "Dronningegården".