Klövern Divests a Property in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Klövern divests a part of the property Fyrislund 6:6 in Uppsala Business Park for an underlying property value of MSEK 258.

Klövern Divests on the Logistics Market: How the Real Estate Giant Will Readjust

Nordic — Klövern's Head of Transaction Peeter Kinnunen on the latest major divestment, why the company does not invest that much in logistics and the successful Danish entrance.

Nyfosa Acquires Large Portfolio

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement with Klövern to acquire a property portfolio at a total value of SEK 1.570 billion in southern Sweden. The acquisition consists of a portfolio of 21 commercial properties.

Klövern Acquires a Property in New York

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has signed a contract at an initial amount of USD 22.6 million, corresponding to SEK 215 million, for a site leasehold in Manhattan with the address 118 10th Avenue.

Klövern Increases Its Holding in Tobin Properties

Sweden Sweden — Klövern increases its holding in Tobin Properties by subscription of shares in share issue with pre-emption rights for existing shareholders.

The Nordic Top Sellers in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how much the listed Nordic real estate companies divested in the first quarter.

The Nordic Listed Companies’ LTV in Q1

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how high the loan-to-value ratio the listed companies have, according to their Q1 results.

Analysts: "Something Is Cooking in Klövern"

Sweden Sweden — After Rutger Arnhult's brother Urban Terling increased his holding in Klövern to 23.4 per cent of the votes, Arnhult - together with Corem and his brother - controls more than 50 per cent of the company's shares. Nordic Property News has talked to a number of analysts who are in agreement that something big may be about to happen.

Klövern Divests Two Properties

Sweden Sweden — Klövern divests the properties Ugglum 126:4 in Partille and Allmogekulturen 5 in Västerås.

"Many Swedes Have Struggled in Denmark"

Denmark Denmark — Just one year after the entry, Klövern has no vacancies in Denmark. CEO Rutger Arnhult tells Nordic Property News what it is like to do business with Danes, why they were waiting to enter the market and what Klövern is aiming for in Denmark.

Klövern's Property Portfolio in Copenhagen Fully Let

Denmark Denmark — Swedish Listed Klövern's property portfolio in Copenhagen fully let after signing of two additional contracts.

The Nordic Top Buyers in 2018

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how much the listed Nordic real estate companies acquired in 2018.

Klövern Increases their Ownership in Tobin

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has purchased ordinary shares in Tobin Properties for SEK 14.2 million and now owns 84.6 percent of the shares, corresponding to 86.4 percent of the votes.

After the Deal with Klövern – Here are the Sectors where AXA Looking for Investments

Sweden Sweden — AXA IM bought the Ericsson building five years ago. Now they are selling it. Here's why. ”The timing was right.”

Klövern Signs two Rental contracts in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Klövern has signed two rental contracts to rent out a total of 4,400 sqm in Copenhagen.

Klövern Acquires in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Klövern expands in Stockholm by acquiring the property Blåfjäll 1 in Kista for an underlying property value of MSEK 633 (EUR 62M).

Klövern Acquires in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Klövern has acquired an office property in Copenhagen for an underlying property value of MDKK 174 (EUR 23M).

”Swedish Companies Act Too Cowardly”

Sweden Sweden — Why does Rutger Arnhult head towards the American market and why does he believe Swedish companies act too cowardly?

Klövern Makes Public Cash Offer for Another Listed Company

Sweden Sweden — After having acquired Tobin Properties, Swedish giant Klövern makes a cash offer for the shares in Agora. Peeter Kinnunen, Head of Transaction at Klövern, tells Nordic Property News of the offer and what plans Klövern has for Agora.

Klövern CEO Becomes Largest Owner in Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult, CEO of Klövern, and large owner of Corem, Klövern and Sagax becomes the largest owner in listed Castellum. He tells Nordic Property News of the future of the company and his feelings on his ownership.

Hemfosa Acquires Portfolio for EUR 106M

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa has signed an agreement to acquire a property portfolio in Sweden with a value of about EUR 106M. The portfolio consists of seven properties comprising predominantly office premises with tenants in the community services sector.

Klövern's Investment Goal for the Hot Danish Market

Denmark Denmark — Klövern keeps up the pace in Denmark. After the company’s second acquisition, CEO Rutger Arnhult tells Nordic Property News of his views on the Danish market and what real estate volume they want to reach in Denmark.

Klövern Makes EUR 99M Acquisition in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Klövern has acquired four office properties in Copenhagen for an underlying property value of MDKK 735 (EUR 99M).

Sweden's Largest Purchasers in 2018

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News can present a list of the listed Swedish companies that has made most purchases in the first quarter of 2018.

Largest Rental Income Growth in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — How was the rental income evolve for the listed Swedish real estate companies in 2017? Nordic Property News presents a list of the rental income development.