Corem in Almost Total Control of Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Corem controls 98.5 per cent of the outstanding shares in Klövern.

Leaves Castellum for the New Giant

Sweden Sweden — Makes the switch between the two Swedish giants.

“I Look Forward to an Exciting Journey”

Sweden Sweden — Klövern, which is about to merge with Corem, har released its last interim report.

Corem Controls 89.1 Percent of the Outstanding Shares in Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Corem declares the offer unconditional and extends the acceptance period.

Klövern Purchases Two Properties in Gothenburg and Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has in two separate transactions signed contracts to acquire two properties in Gothenburg and Malmö for a total underlying property value of SEK 138 million.

Klövern's Board Recommends Shareholders to Accept Corem Offer

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Klövern recommends holders of Class A and Class B shares in Klövern to accept Corem’s public offer, meaning that they will receive Corem Class A and Class B shares, respectively, as consideration.

Klövern Makes Additional New York Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has acquired and taken possession of a property in Manhattan with the address 407 Park Avenue.

Corem Makes Bid for Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Corem announces a public offer to shareholders in Klövern with intent to merge the two companies.

Peeter Kinnunen Is Appointed Acting CEO of Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Peeter Kinnunen, Head of Transactions, has been named acting CEO of Klövern as Rutger Arnhult is leaving the company.

Klövern Signs the First Lease Contract in New York

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has signed a lease contract with chef Matthew Kenney for approximately 730 sq.m. of restaurant space at the ground and lower levels at 1245 Broadway in New York. The new office project is located at the corner of Broadway and 31st Street in Manhattan. The tenant is expected to open operations in the second quarter of 2022 and the lease term is ten years.

Arnhult on Taking Up the Chairman Position at Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Klövern's CEO Rutger Arnhult on the divided support from the nomination committee of Castellum, what his main tasks as Chairman will be, and the search for his successor at Klövern.

Rutger Arnhult Steps Down as Klövern CEO – to Be Chairman of Castellum

Sweden Sweden — Today, Rutger Arnhult has informed Klövern’s board of directors that he will leave his position as CEO. This is a consequence of him being positive to the proposal of Castellum’s Nomination Committee that he is appointed Chairman of the company at the upcoming annual general meeting.

Klövern Makes Acquisition in Lund

Sweden Sweden — Klövern acquires a property in Lund for MSEK 134.

Klövern Divests to Blackstone's Mileway

Sweden Sweden — Klövern divests 12 properties in Malmö, Lund, Norrköping and Västerås for SEK 610 million.

Klövern Signs Two New Rental Contracts in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Klövern has signed a contract with Parfums Christian Dior for 973 sq.m. office space and a contract with Politiforbundet for 1,946 sq.m. office space in the so-called Codan-house on Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen.

How Arnhult’s Global Expansion Plans Have Turned Out

Sweden Sweden — Klövern’s CEO Rutger Arnhult on the increased ownership in Corem, the padel investments, and whether this year’s investment plans in New York and Copenhagen have been affected, during the corona crisis.

Klövern Acquires Half of the Self Storage Company Servistore

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has signed a contract to acquire 50 per cent of the shares in the self storage company Servistore.

Klövern Divests Two Properties in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — Klövern divests two properties, Manfred 6 and Ringborren 13, in Västerås to Imperia Fastigheter AB for a total underlying property value of SEK 116 million.

New Financing for Klövern

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has so far during the second quarter of 2020 refinanced SEK 5.0 billion in existing bank loans and secured bonds and received new loans and credit decisions regarding new loans of in total SEK 3.8 billion. The new loans will, among other things, be used at the maturity of a SEK 750 million bond loan in June 2020.

Klövern's Hotel Share at 3 percent

Sweden Sweden — Klövern announces hotel share in the company's portfolio.

Klövern Acquires a Property in New York

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has acquired all the units of a co-op owning a 14-story residential building in Manhattan. The building, encompassing approximately 8,300 sq.m, has the address 417 Park Avenue and is located at the corner of Park Avenue and East 55th Street.

Genesta Sells Prime Office Property in Copenhagen for EUR 190 Million

Denmark Denmark — Genesta sells the prime office property Kalvebod Brygge 32 in central Copenhagen for DKK 1 420 million (EUR 190 million) on behalf of Genesta Nordic Real Estate Fund II (GNRE Fund II) to the Swedish listed real estate company Klövern.

Next Year's Targets in Copenhagen for Klövern

Denmark Denmark — CEO Rutger Arnhult: ”Acquisitions are always difficult to predict.”

Klövern Signs a 20-year Lease with Scandic Hotels for New Örebro Hotel

Sweden Sweden — Klövern has signed a lease contract with Scandic Hotels encompassing approximately 5,800 sqm in a planned new modernistic building in Örebro. The hotel will have around 160 rooms. The tenant is expected to move in in November 2021.

After the Major Purchase: Here Is Where Randviken Looks for the Next Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Randviken's CEO Tobias Emanuelsson on the giant acquisition in his hometown, why the company continues to be active on the transaction market and where they want to grow in the future.