Heimstaden, through its’ Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A / S, has acquired two real estate projects in Copenhagen, Kanalkajen and Nordkajen. The construction projects are situated on Teglholmen in the expansive part of Sydhavnen and comprises about 21 500 sqm, containing a total of 246 houses.
The transaction takes place through the acquisition of a company jointly owned by Pensam, Sjælsø Management and KPC. The transaction value is approximately MDKK 790 (EUR 106M). Completion of the projects is scheduled for December 2018 and April 2019.
"We are excited to continue to grow in the Danish capital and expand our existing portfolio with these fine properties on Teglholmen. The properties are of high quality and through our experience and knowledge of the rental on Teglholmen we are confident that the outcome of the acquisition will be good," says Magnus Nordholm, deputy CEO of Heimstaden.
“We are very satisfied with sales to Heimstaden and we have seen a positive and constructive process of the negotiations," says Carsten Gröhn, Head of Alternative Investments in Pensam.
The firm Gorrissen Federspiel has been Heimstadenäs legal advisor in the transaction and Bruun & Hjejle Advokatpartnerselskab and Sadolin & Albæk has been an advisor for the sellers.