“Together with NCC, we are now initiating the development and remodeling of the hospital to ensure, for example, more accessible health care, in which we can employ a more process-oriented work method. We will also create modern, flexible premises adapted to future needs, as well as a good work environment for hospital employees,” says Karin Andersson, project manager at Västfastigheter.
NCC’s task will be to remodel the main entrance, as well as those parts of the property that currently house some 20 different clinics and premises for a restaurant, a conference center, and external tenants. The objective of the project is to create flexible, standard clinics that enable varied use in the future. The total remodeling area covers 30,000 square meters.
As a result of this assignment, NCC now has nine hospital construction projects in progress around Sweden, in which a national hospital network is working dedicatedly to enhance the efficiency of feedback on experiences among the projects and to make the skills accessible to hospital clients across the country.
“Thanks to our various assignments and our national network, our clients can benefit from all the experiences from these projects. Our collective knowledge enables us to lower the total operating costs of medical care and to create premises that promote better health care,” says Henrik Landelius, Head of NCC Building Sweden.
The project is a partnering arrangement in two phases. System planning and detailed project planning will be carried out during the first phase, which will extend up until the second quarter of 2019, and construction will take place after that in the second phase. The remodeling is expected to be completed by year-end 2024.