In the two community properties, with a total leaseable area of ​​5,174 square meters, there is education and LSS housing. The largest tenant is Höganäs municipality, accounting for 88 percent of total rental income. The properties have an average remaining rental period of about ten years and a rental value of MSEK 7.425 (EUR 710,000).

The residential properties with a total of 152 apartments have a leaseable area of ​​13,873 square meters with rental income of approximately MSEK 14.5 (EUR 1.4M).

"Höganäs is a strong growth municipality in a growing metropolitan area and it is very fun to grow further in the municipality. It is extraordinarily exciting to be engaged in a municipality that is at the top of the Swedish business sector's annual business rankings and we look forward to continued good cooperation with the municipality," says Ilija Batljan, CEO and founder of the SBB.

Sellers are Jefast who has had Nordanö as an advisor.

SBB takes office on November 30, 2018.