In recent years, Castellum has tripled the property value of its real estate portfolio within the office and logistics segments. The company is now preparing for further growth by reinforcing executive management with a new unit for logistics, one for investments and portfolio strategy and one for office premises.

“We’re looking at strong growth going forward, in the segment for versatile office-space as well as the logistics segment, which is driven by increased e-commerce. We’d like to grow side-by-side with existing customers and new customers in Nordic cities, so we’re adapting our organization to promote development of increasingly attractive offers that contribute to their success”, says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO. 

Efforts to refine and focus on the Logistics and Offices business areas from a central position are a major step in the direction of strengthening peak expertise in these respective segments. However, they also form a significant link in the growth journey that demands totally new approaches to distribution-and-commerce as well as to versatile office solutions. In order to remain firmly anchored and responsive to customer requirements at the local level, Castellum’s existing regional divisions will be maintained, along with local management of Castellum's four regions.  

“The new units will complement and strengthen an organization which is already strong throughout Castellum’s regions. With one of Sweden’s largest logistics portfolios, we’re in a position to offer both interesting solutions and prime locations”, says Henrik Saxborn.

The Logistics unit will initially be led by Hans Sahlin, who currently heads up business development for logistics offers at Castellum.  Hans brings with him extensive experience from several roles within the transport and logistics industry, and comes most recently from a position as Storage Director at DHL. As acting Unit Manager for Logistics, Hans will participate in Castellum’s Executive Management Group.

A special unit is also being created to focus on Castellum’s office-space offers, and will also assume responsibility for customer contact with major national and international customers, as well as government authorities and agencies.

“Castellum owns the largest listed office-space portfolio in Sweden, and we’ll be growing bigger. Our strategy calls for further development of the co-working concept in major cities and offering the absolute best locations to our customers”, says Henrik Saxborn.

A leader for the new Offices unit will be appointed at the beginning of 2019 and will participate in Castellum’s Executive Management Group.

In the past several years, insufficient office- and logistics-space been constructed in Swedish cities. Consequently, Castellum has successfully increased its share of projects, and sees continued potential in increasing this line of business. Establishing a new executive management position for Investments and Portfolio Strategy, including responsibility for all investments, as well as corporate analysis and valuations, will also serve to enhance and reinforce this operating area of Castellum as well. According to plan, the post will be filled at the beginning of 2019.

The changes mentioned above will become effective as of yearend, 2018.

In conjunction with the organizational changes, an agreement has been reached with Anders Nilsson, who leaves his position as Managing Director for Region Stockholm-North, effective today’s date. The process of recruiting a successor has been initiated.