“This project is totally unique. It’s not every day that a contractor has an opportunity to work with this type of urban development. We will be helped considerably by our earlier experience of and expertise in this project,” says Palle Bjerre Rasmussen, Head of NCC Building Nordics, Denmark.

Kronløbsøen will be a newly constructed island with an attractive location in Indre Nordhavn, between Sundkaj and Fortkaj, which are both under development. The 233 housing units will be divided among six stories on top of a parking garage, which in turn comprises four stories under water level. The new island will be connected to land by three bridges and a tunnel.

“Kronløbsøen is a large-scale project and we look forward to getting started together with our partners. In addition to a prime location, unique housing units and retail services for Nordhavn, it will be easy to live, work and visit the district,” says Jens Damgaard Pedersen, Head of Kronløbsøen Projekt P / S.

The party behind the construction project is the project company Kronløbsøen Projekt P/S, which is in turn owned by By & Havn (50 percent), Pension Danmark (40 percent) and Nordkranen (10 percent).

“We are delighted that we can now start to build attractive housing units on a new island in Kronløbsbassinet, which will be close to water, the city and a metro line. We expect considerable demand for these housing units and thus a healthy return for our members,” says Marius Møller, Head of Property Management, Pension Danmark.

NCC will be the turnkey contractor for the project, which will start this summer and is expected to be completed in late 2023. The project is designed by Wilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter og Cobe together with the architect firm STED, which is responsible for landscape architecture. The order, which is worth more than SEK 1.5 billion, will be registered in the second quarter of 2019 in the NCC Building Nordics business area.