Balder is already in the process of constructing the property "Agerhusene" in Høje Taastrup and "Lerholmen" and "Lynghaven" in it. new neighborhood The neighborhood, which is also part of the municipality of Høje-Taastrup. With the two new projects, Balder has a total of about 750 homes in Høje Taastrup and is thus one of the largest players in rental housing in the municipality.

The Municipality of Høje-Taastrup has initiated an ambitious development plan for the new district of Høje Taastrup C, which covers an area of ​​262,000 sqm. Here 1,200 new homes will be built with space for 3,000 residents, and there will be 107,000 sqm for businesses and 9,500 sqm for public-facing services such as shops, supermarkets, etc. The district is attractively situated between the City2 shopping center and Høje Taastrup Station and will be the municipality's new meeting point. In addition, a new town hall and a multifunctional park district will be erected in the district, the latter becoming a focal point for the area as well as an important connection between the station and City2.

“Many exciting initiatives are taking place in the new district, and we therefore see a lot of potential in contributing to this development. Hoge Taastrup already offers some cultural and leisure activities, good shopping and a well thought out infrastructure. All of these are qualities that our tenants demand. The opportunity to live so close to Copenhagen and at the same time gain more space for the family and access to green space is something we have a clear expectation that many will find attractive. That is why we are very much looking forward to developing the quality homes and welcoming our future tenants here," says Flemming Joseph Jensen, CEO of Balder Denmark.

The two building blocks, so far called A10 and A17, together have a building right of 17,750 sqm, of which 17,180 sqm goes to housing and 570 sqm to business. Both building fields are in an attractive location directly next to the new parkland, and the A10 is even just opposite the upcoming town hall.

No specific projects have yet been prepared for the utilization of the construction sites, but these are being developed in collaboration between Balder Denmark as developer, Sjælsø Management as project developer and management contractor and Mangor & Nagel as the project architects. The properties are listed as enclosed suburban buildings of varying heights as well as gates that open up to common courtyards. Each property is expected to consist of over 100 rental units, ranging in size from 2-4 rooms. In addition, there are commercial leases in the ground floor on both properties. The start of the two construction projects is yet to be determined, but Balder says that they expect to start construction of the A10 at the end of 2020 and the A17 by mid-2021.

The development of the district is already in full swing, and the Arealudviklingsselskabet Høje Taastrup C, which is responsible for this development, is pleased with the overwhelming interest that is for the district:

“The sale of land in Høje Taastrup C has exceeded all expectations, and we can actually announce sold out soon. We are very pleased that Balder can see the potential of the district, which will be an attractive and affordable alternative for both families in Høje Taastrup and families in Copenhagen, who would like to afford more space and larger green spaces, ”says Lars Bloch, CEO of Arealudviklingsselskabet Høje Taastrup C.