Nørregade is centrally located in Randers and as it’s a community serviced property primarily occupied by the court in Randers it’s a strong match for our Swedish investor client SBB.


The property comprises 6,200 sqm and the main building was originally used as post office where as the listed building used to be occupied by the local news paper of Randers.


Bech-Bruun acted legal buy-side adviser, Nordicals advised in the off-market process and Rubik Properties is SBB’s local partner in Denmark.


The property at 6. Julivej in Fredericia is leased to the state and used for educational purposes i.e. a community serviced property, primarily occupied by SOSU, thus another strong match for SBB.


The property comprises 6,650 sq.m. and is a classic construction for educational purposes and has been used as such since construction in 1938.

SBB’s main strategy is to own and manage community serviced properties (among other schools, elderly care and municipal/governmental offices) in the Nordics and are now targeting regional cities in Denmark as well with the aim of increasing their property value to SEK 40 bn. by 2023.