As Development and Sales Director for By & Havn, Ingvar Sejr Hansen will be at the forefront of the ongoing urban development in Nordhavn and Ørestad, as well as implement the development of Stejle Square, Vejlands Quarter and the Lynetteholm project.

And that is an experienced force now coming to the company. Ingvar Sejr Hansen has extensive experience with development plans and construction from his previous employment as planning manager in the City of Copenhagen (2010-2017) and most recently as Deputy Director of the City, Culture and Environment area of ​​Frederiksberg Municipality.

Anne Skovbro, Managing Director of By og Havn, looks forward to the upcoming collaboration:

"I know Ingvar Sejr Hansen from earlier as skilled and competent. With his leadership experience, he will be able to lead By & Havn's development and lead the work safely. This is necessary right now, where greater demands are being made for land development than ever before. We must be able to deliver on all parameters - in terms of sustainability, communities and urban spaces, while meeting our financial goals. Ingvar can help ensure that."

The new Development and Sales Director looks forward to working with the development of the largest urban development projects in Copenhagen again:

“I have previously worked with Copenhagen's large urban development areas as a representative of the planning authority. I look forward to continuing work on Copenhagen's urban development now as a representative of the developer. In addition, I am incredibly pleased to have helped develop Copenhagen's future urban areas, where the bar for sustainability and modern infrastructure is set incredibly high.”

With the employment of Ingvar Sejr Hansen, the generational change that is underway in By & Havn continues, and which among other things, has meant that Anne Skovbro has been hired as the new CEO of the company.

Ingvar Sejr Hansen assumes his position on February 1, 2020.