K-Fast Holding AB (K-Fastigheter), an active and committed landlord offering attractive homes in southwestern Sweden, has initiated a collaboration with BoKlok, a company jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, with the business concept of making it possible for people with average incomes to own a sustainable, quality, low cost home

The first transactions include K-Fastigheter to sell building rights in Hässleholm and Viken to BoKlok, totalling 43 apartments for a total purchase price of approximately SEK 18 million. In addition, K-Fastigheter purchases 48 rental apartments, including building rights, from BoKlok at Telestadshöjden in Växjö, to be completed in 2021. K-Fastigheter has also signed a letter of intent with Skanska Hyresbostäder to acquire the adjacent building right with a total of 12,000 square metres gross floor area (GFA). On this site, K-Fastigheter plans to build homes according to its three concept houses. The purchase price of this part amounts to approximately SEK 15 million.

In addition to the above-mentioned transactions, K-Fastigheter and BoKlok have signed a letter of intent regarding two projects in Skåne, in which both parties will jointly develop building rights and residential buildings.

As K-Fastigheter always builds rental apartments and BoKlok mainly tenant-owned apartments, the companies will work jointly to create residential areas with different forms of tenures, making an area more popular and sustainable. The focus of the collaboration is on projects in Skåne and Småland, however there are no geographical restrictions in the partnership.

“The collaboration is a meeting of minds between BoKlok and K-Fastigheter. In my opinion, BoKlok is one of the few players that fully understands what it means to build conceptually. By focusing on developing different forms of tenure, we can benefit from our respective experiences and jointly develop in many areas and geographical locations. Our first deals should be considered as the first block in a larger strategic collaboration,” says Jacob Karlsson, CEO of K-Fast Holding AB.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with K-Fastigheter. By combining tenant-owned and rental apartments, we are able to create residential areas with greater variety. BoKlok has more than 20 years’ experience from of industrial construction, with its own factory outside Vimmerby. Our concept is strongly inspired by our owners IKEA and Skanska. In K-Fastigheter we have now found a partner who shares our ambition to create attractive and affordable areas through a high degree of industrialization,” says Niclas Bagler, BoKlok Sweden’s manager.