Capman and Casa have acquired an outworn property in the heart of Frederiksberg, part of the City of Copenhagen, which will now undergo a major transformation. Over the coming years, the property will be renovated and upgraded into modern, dynamic office space.

“In recent years, we have worked with a number of transformation projects where the starting point has been well-located properties with significant development potential. For years, this property has been used for educational purposes and it is now our plan to convert it to its original use as office space. We see potential in creating an attractive and modern office environment, which further adds to the appeal of the area,” says Hasse Wulff, Investment Director at Capman Real Estate.

The large, almost 5,000 sqm, building will undergo a renovation with a focus on sustainability, where e.g. the façade is retrofitted with insulation for energy optimisation.

Student housing is being developed in the neighbouring property. Casa anticipates that the new tenants in the offices and student housing will further contribute to the development of a dynamic community in an attractive part of Frederiksberg. The new office building will be an integrated part of Frederiksberg and offer an active and inspiring environment where tenants, neighbours, and other residents of Frederiksberg can thrive.

Construction is expected to start in early 2021.