“We are really happy to sell the project to Studentbostäder i Sverige AB. They are very experienced in studio housing, which stamps our increasingly extensive experience in developing and constructing this type of housing. The project has been absolutely fantastically exciting to work with and has changed character several times along the way, most recently there are e.g. obtained a dispensation which makes it possible to convert part of the property from a hotel to studio housing,” says Thomas W. Færch, CEO of Gefion Group.

The many homes and businesses are being built in a former office complex right next to Femøren metro station. There are 4 properties, which will be connected by a transverse construction with a view of Kastrup Fort and the Sound. The project is expected to contain approx. 653 homes, supermarket, gym, a private kindergarten and café.

“Copenhagen is an attractive city for students, where, as in Sweden, there is a great shortage of student housing. Gefion's project is built according to our new concept, where studio apartments are more than just a home. Gefion has managed to give students access to a unique studio apartment with well-planned common areas for social gatherings, among other things. on roof terraces, and with gym, café and supermarket on the property. This is one of the best locations in Copenhagen, which contributes to a quality of life beyond the usual," comments Rebecka Eidenert, CEO of Studentbostäder i Sverige AB.

Of the 653 youth and student housing units, 206 flats have been rented out to the Housing Foundation Copenhagen Fund on a 10-year lease, while 75 housing has been sold to Boligforeningen AAB. The remaining 372 homes are rented out by Gefion Group itself. The first youth and student housing will be rented out in April 2021, with occupancy already by August 2021.