Mindet 6 is a bright, sculptural tower and landmark will combine new green recreational urban development, city life and cultural history with attractive business potentials and cultural facilities such as public restaurants, offices, food hubs etc.

“We are both happy and proud to win this planning approval after eight years of hard work and a very constructive dialogue with both Olav de Linde and the City of Aarhus to make the high-rise fit the city’s plans for establishing a whole new and dense culture and business district in the old industrial harbour area of Sydhavnen”, says Michael Kruse, Partner and Architect, at C.F Møller Architects and continues,

“Our vision for the project is to establish a strong relation between the historic starting point of the city of Aarhus, the industrial building heritage in the area today, and the future development of the city. Our project reflects a local as well as an increasing international perspective and is based on an inherent sustainable approach to urban planning as an answer to the global tendency of urbanisation.”


The starting point for the tower is an existing historical industrial complex, with its legacy of the port’s industry and culture in former times. The impressive building structure will be preserved and supplemented with a new tower. The tower will be integrated into the existing complex, from which its basic geometry will be derived. The historical qualities of the existing building will continue to be apparent and will also gain new life from being opened towards the surroundings, to create attractive outdoor and indoor relations. On the roof of the old building, a new, publicly accessible green rooftop garden environment will be established, and will include a restaurant, orangery, and kitchen gardens.

“It has been important for us to integrate the industrial heritage into the new tower. This is done by using the existing building as a base and starting point for the tower and by reflecting the scale and shape of the existing building in the design of the new tower”, explains Michael Kruse.

The actual tower is designed as a bright and slender sculptural landmark, featuring vertical green foyers to both the near and wider urban context. The facades are built up with a spatial relief in light terrazzo, which is adapted to solar orientations with focus on ensuring optimum daylight conditions, a good view, and a healthy indoor climate. The building’s geometry means that the building addresses all directions, with a characterful and textural effect on several scales.


The location’s potential, with its proximity to the city and the sea, favourable daylight conditions and views, and historical structural legacy, thus serves as the backdrop for a very special atmosphere, ensuring a unique project that is clearly anchored in the location’s industrial history. Mindet 6 will constitute an integrated urban landmark and future reference point for Aarhus, with an open and inviting profile.


“Mindet 6 is an example of how to transform a closed and abandoned industrial area into a new, open, and vibrant district. And it is an example of overcoming the challenges of dense and constantly growing cities, while improving the quality of life for citizens, supporting business and encapsulating the industrial heritage from which the city was born," says Michael Kruse, partner and architect at C.F. Møller Architects.

Groundbreaking is expected in 2022 and the high-rise is expected to be completed in 2025 and will hold office space for approximately 2,000 people. Currently the building is set to be the tallest building in Denmark being 143 meters high.