The acquisition consists of the Österåker Näs 7: 6 and 7: 8 properties, located in the Täljöviken area between Åkersberga and Svinninge in Österåker municipality. Today, the conference centre is an exciting contemporary landmark with an impressive view over the water. Kursgården is one of the country's most famous political buildings and was built by LO (the Swedish Trade Union Confederation) in the 1960s. The building has a fine choice of materials, special technical building solutions and an interior that is characterized by classic designs from the 1960s. In converting it to a school, the preservation of the building's characteristics will be taken into account. The seller is Runö Fastigheter HB, which is jointly-owned by LO, PEAB and Tagehus.

“It’s really pleasing that we have now acquired a property which will be able to be used as a school within a few years. There is a huge need for schools on the Täljö Peninsula where many homes are now being built. Magnolia Bostad is planning to develop around 1,800 residential units in the area, a residential care home, nursery schools and a further school,” says Björn Bergman, Eastern Regional Director, Magnolia Bostad.

Österåker municipality is currently expanding with several project areas underway that will characterize the municipality for some time to come. In 2026, the municipality is expected to have grown to over 50,000 people, which is an increase of almost 5,000 inhabitants compared to today. The Täljö Peninsula development project, north of Stockholm, is one of the largest in the region. The aim is to create a small, modern town by the sea, with a new commercial hub with shops, restaurants and services, and three districts, each with its own unique character. The area will offer a wide range of accommodation, from apartments and terraced houses to detached villas. Central Stockholm can be reached in just over 30 minutes via the Roslagsbanan (urban railway system).

Wistrand Advokatbyrå has been legal adviser to Magnolia Bostad during the acquisition. Angermann has been an advisor to the seller Runö Fastigheter HB.