Hundreds of tenants and traders have today become customers of PFA, which is Denmark's largest real estate investor. PFA has bought two larger properties in Copenhagen.

This is a square of 14,000 sqm with 168 leases and three commercial leases, which are located on Finsensvej and N. Jespersens vej in Frederiksberg.

The other property is located on Store Mølle Vej on Amager and houses 17,000 sqm of housing. In total, PFA has given DKK 1.3 billion. DKK for the two properties.

“The Copenhagen residential market has been booming for a number of years, and the trend seems to be continuing. So these are good, safe investments that have now fallen into place,” says Michael Bruhn, Head of Real Estate at PFA.

PFA's property portfolio has increased from DKK 14 billion to DKK 77 billion. DKK since 2013 and includes a number of investments in properties within e.g. business, logistics and housing in Denmark and internationally.

“Properties provide a good and stable return if you invest properly. At the same time, it is a good alternative to bonds, which are currently losing ground compared to other low-risk investments. We have gradually built up a strong and versatile portfolio of properties in both Denmark and internationally, which provides good stability and risk-adjusted returns to our customers for many years into the future, ”says Michael Bruhn.

PFA has bought the two properties from the pension company P +. This is a block of 14,000 sqm on Finsensvej 69 and N. Jespersens vej 2. The purchase price is DKK 505 million. kr.

On Amager, it is a 17,000 sqm residential property, which is located on Store Møllevej 5. The purchase price is approx. 800 mio. kr.