Casa has acquired a property in the Greater Copenhagen district of Ejby. The area is close to green areas, upcoming light rail and shopping opportunities. Casa expects to be able to build homes on the property. The desire is to create a modern residential area along Nordre Ringvej, where there is a focus on an experience-rich buildings in close interaction with the existing residential area.

“The areas around Copenhagen offer almost unimaginable opportunities if, like CASA, you have the resources and ambitions. The large area we have now acquired in Glostrup will be another sustainable urban area on our part,” says Torben Modvig, CEO of CASA.

The property is located in Ejby, which is located between Glostrup and Herlev and today consists of a small settlement.

"Casa's team is responsible for this urban development, but we can not do it alone. We depend on skilled advisers and - not least - an innovative and ambitious municipality that wants to create a sustainable city for its citizens. We look forward to the further collaboration with Glostrup Municipality and the citizens in the area around thoughts and ideas for the development of the area,” says Torben Modvig.

The new residential area is expected to be certified for DGNB gold. The local plan is expected to be adopted in collaboration with Glostrup Municipality around the turn of the year 2022/2023.

In addition to the upcoming project on Ejby Mosevej, CASA already has several projects in Greater Copenhagen, including in Brøndby, Rødovre and Herlev.