Construction of the property is scheduled to begin in 2023 and occupancy is planned for 2026. Taken together, the agreements are the largest office letting in Sweden since 2019 and one of the five largest lettings since the start of the millennium.

“It is gratifying that the government has now approved the rental agreements and we can proceed with the start of construction. In 2017, SBB acquired a property with 4,000 square metres of premises and five years later, at this site, we will now construct 42,500 square metres of space for the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service with 20-year rental agreements in one of Västerås’ most central locations. This is a good example of how SBB works with property development,” says Krister Karlsson, Deputy CEO and Head of Projects and Property Development at SBB.

“This is one of the most exciting projects in the history of K2A and demonstrates how fast and how far we have evolved as a company in recent years. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, two stable tenants that also deliver essential services in society,” says Johan Knaust, CEO of K2A.

The rental agreements were signed via Slaggborn Västerås AB, which owns the property in question. Fifty  per cent of Slaggborn Västerås AB is owned by SBB and Fifty  percent by K2A.

The validity of the rental agreements was subject to government approval. At today’s cabinet meeting, on 19 May, the government approved the Swedish Police Authority’s rental agreement while the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s agreement was approved earlier this spring. The procurement of contractors has begun and project planning of system documentation will commence shortly.

“This building is an intergral part of the new Mälarporten area, which is being developed around the station area, and will add a modern police station with an adjacent judicial centre within walking distance of the district court. It is particularly gratifying for the city executive board of Västerås to reestablish a judicial centre in the municipality following the closure of the former centre,” says Staffan Jansson, Mayor of the City of Västerås.

The new judicial centre will employ about 110 people and recruitment will begin well in advance of the opening. The new employees will be offered training and lengthy internships at other centres.

“The space for another 100 detainees at the Västerås centre will be a welcome addition to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. The new judicial centre will not only support our work but also the work of the Swedish Police Authority and lawyers in the Västerås area, who will no longer need to transport detainees across long distances or travel far to meet detainees,” says Pernilla Vikström, Prison Director at the Uppsala judicial centre.

“We look forward to modern premises that are more closely aligned with our current and future needs. Our numbers are growing and we look forward to premises that will help us to offer a positive reception and increase security for our citizens,” says Linda Hedmark, Head of the Västmanland police district.

The buildings will be environmentally certified. A decision on the type of certification will be taken in conjunction with the preparation of system documentation for the project.