"In line with Niam's Danish residential strategy, we are progressing to establish Nordhusene as a large-scale and independent residential platform in Denmark. We have aggregated approx. 2,300 residential units and with this acquisition we are taking an important step in optimizing the operation of the portfolio”, says Erik Rydström, Fund Manager, Niam.


Futurum is headquartered in Fredericia, ideally located in the Triangle Region of Denmark, and is specialized in managing residentials in the regional cities of Denmark. It will now be a wholly owned subsidiary within the Nordhusene Group.

"We have known the company and the people for several years and have been impressed with the way they handled their business. We expect significant economies of scale, when we over the coming year add our 2,300 units to their existing portfolio of similar units, which they will continue to manage for their existing clients, says Jacob de Lichtenberg, Country Manager Denmark, Niam.